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Chapman’s Peak Drive Remains Closed

30 August 2013


Chapman's Peak Drive will remain closed until the Geotechnical engineers have undertaken the necessary inspections and considered and evaluated the residual hazards remaining.

The drive was closed on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 at 15:15 due to heavy rains and strong winds that caused some major mudslides.

Material estimated at about 400 m³ was dislodged on the road at various points, biggest along the Noordhoek side of the drive. Others were captured under the drape-mesh pinned to the mountain slope.

One major rock estimated at about 1 ton was safely captured by one of Chapman’s Peak’s catch fences. No other catch fences were breach at this point.

The Geotechnical engineers were called in to undertake the inspection.  They observed and recorded as much as possible. The same team continued with an additional inspection on 29 August 2013 to record any further activity. 

More activity is expected if rain continues. 

The mountain condition is extremely wet and the Geotech team needs to get access to certain areas for a more detailed assessment, which now only seems possible early next week. 

It is currently too dangerous to navigate the areas above the drive.

Once inspections are completed, MdP (Melis & Du Plessis) will be preparing an inventory and an assessment of the various slips and failures.

Provisional feedback is expected early next week.

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