Day Passes to Picnic Spots on Chapman’s Peak | Western Cape Government


Day Passes to Picnic Spots on Chapman’s Peak

30 July 2013

The Western Cape Government advised in February 2012 that the savings generated once the new Operations Centre opened would be sufficient to allow the day pass system to become a permanent feature.

It can now confirm that this will be the case.

When the Control Building opens on 1 August 2013, the existing procedure for obtaining a day pass will continue for a number of months, before being replaced by an automated camera control system.

Thereafter, day passes for the areas above the toll gate will be charged for at the normal toll rate and fully refunded when returning through the toll gate and if the day pass conditions are complied with.

Credit cards will be swiped, but not processed, and the transaction will then be cancelled when returning.

Both the Western Cape Government and the concessionaire are obliged to ensure that the free day pass system is not abused, which in a number of cases it presently is.

The concessionaire will remain responsible to keep the public areas safe and the toilets clean and hygienic.

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