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Provincial Heritage Status for Saron Mission Complex

2 December 2013

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) and Heritage Western Cape (HWC) declared the Saron Mission Complex a provincial heritage site on Sunday, 1 December 2013. The day marked the 175th anniversary of the Emancipation of the Slaves.

The mission station in Saron, established by the Rhenish Mission Society (RMS) in 1838, was one of a number of mission stations in the Western Cape specifically established to provide a place of refuge for ex-slaves. The old mission school is now used as a church hall. The 1877 section is used for a crèche and kindergarten.

Reverend William Cloete of the United Reformed Church in Saron said it was a special day for the community. “The church property is now officially part of a provincial heritage site. We as a community are honoured to celebrate this significant history here today.”

Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Dr Ivan Meyer said, “In 1838 slaves were people, had a heritage and had a culture and tradition. It was a period of pain and suffering but today we celebrate the joy. If you heal and acknowledge the past, then you can heal the future. This complex has healed and shaped the future for the better.”

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