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Why is this important?

There is currently a shortage of well-located affordable houses close to employment and economic opportunities near the City of Cape Town CBD. This is largely due to apartheid era spatial challenges still being an Achilles heel for municipalities across the country.

This challenge is compounded in Cape Town by the thousands of people moving, from rural areas and other provinces, to the city each year in search of a better life.

The Better Living Model Game Changer will assist in alleviating this problem by creating affordable, integrated housing opportunities close to the Cape Town CBD.

The Game Changer will see the development of the 22 hectare old Conradie Hospital site into an inner city feeder suburb that will provide 3 600 residential units, of which 1 800 units will be subsidised units and the remainder for the open market.

The total construction cost will come to R3.4 billion, which includes a mix of private sector finance and subsidies. We believe the project will also serve as a blueprint for how we can unlock the economic potential of state-owned property in the future.

How are we succeeding?

Project Ground-breaking Timeline

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Key Milestones Achieved to date

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What are we doing?

Besides well-located affordable housing, the development will also comprise 1.8 hectares of retail pace and 6.2 hectares of commercial space, which will stimulate small business growth in the area. Two new schools are also planned.  

The Game Changer will also catalyse the upgrade of the surrounding roads infrastructure and public transport in the area and bring new social services to the neighbouring communities.

The project is progressing well, following extensive public engagement with various interest groups.

Key milestones include:

  • The City of Cape Town and the provincial government committing Urban Settlements Development (USDG) funding for the project;
  • The City of Cape Town’s Municipal Planning Tribunal approving the provincial government’s rezoning application; and
  • The provincial government inviting interested and suitably experienced property developers to submit development proposals for the project.

The WCG plans to award the project to a Developer and break ground before the end of 2018. 

What can you do?

  • Interested citizens who would like to buy or rent a residential unit in the development can register their interest here
  • Businesses or companies interested in renting or buying a commercial or retail space in the development can register their interest here
  • Citizens can also suggest their idea for the development here

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