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helen zille

"I am pleased to present our Game Changers and provide progress updates on each of them. The Game Changers are bold, focused and innovative interventions that are impacting people’s lives and catalysing change. Three of them are focused on providing opportunities for our young people so that they can succeed in a 21st century society and economy. All of them are focused on creating a more prosperous, socially inclusive province. We are already seeing successes under all our Game Changers due to the hard work of the Delivery Support Unit, provincial department teams and a number of partners in the public and private sector."

Premier Helen Zille

We have set ambitious targets under each Game Changer, which will contribute towards accelerating economic growth, job creation and social inclusion.

after school

After School

Target: At least 20% of no-fee and low-fee learners in the Province – 112 000 learners – regularly and consistently attend quality after school programmes at least twice a week.

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Target: To enhance the teaching and learning experience of Western Cape learners, predominantly in maths and languages, through the use of technology.

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Target: To achieve sufficient, appropriately qualified technical & vocational skilled people to meet the needs of prioritised economic growth areas in the Western Cape by 2019.

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energy security

Energy Security

Target: A 10% reduction in current Western Cape demand from Eskom in next 2 years generated through alternative low carbon supply & energy efficiency measures.

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better living model

Conradie Better Living Model

Target: The development of the 22-hectare government site into an integrated, sustainable, and affordable residentially-led, mixed-use neighbourhood.

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alcohol harms reduction

Alcohol Harms Reduction

Target: Reduce alcohol harms by implementing bold initiatives in selected sites.

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