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Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability



1. Training programme in the field of intellectual disability.

2. Training workshops on the following topics: Self Advocates - Your Human Rights; 10 Steps to Advocacy; Successful Habits - Positive Results (Practical interactive workshop to set you up for success); Improving Social Skills of the Person with Intellectual Disability; Look Ahead: Providing Sexuality Education for your Son/ Daughter with Intellectual Disability; Toilet Training for the Child with Intellectual Disability; How do I communicate with my Child about their Disability; Autism Spectrum Disorder - awareness & tips to incorporate children and adults with autism spectrum into special care centres/ school/ workshop/ residential facility; Lifeskills, sexuality Education; The Right to Protection- Indentifying and Reporting Sexual Abuse of Children with Intellectual Disability;  Workshop on Basic Principles of Managing Challenging Behaviour; Management of Challenging Behaviourvof the Person with Intellectual Disability.   

3. Information to WCFID affiliates and general public on Intellectual Disability & related resources, policy decisions through circulation of quarterly newsletters.


Type of Disability: Intellectual Disability.

Location: Maitland, Cape Town
Owned / Funded by / Endorsed by: (Western Cape Government)
Facility Category: Social Service Organisations (SSO)
Contact Information:
Street Address:

ASAT House, Alexandra Hospital, Annex Rd, Maitland, 7405

General Enquiries:
Telephone: 021 510 4686
E-mail: director@wcfid.co.za
Contact Notes:

Contact person: Tessa Wood

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