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TB Care



1. Psychosocial support programme  

2.  Train the trainer courses on TB in children and resistant TB to facilitate workshops in ccommunities, giving accurate information and guidance to parents/ carers, commmunity care workers, ECD practitioners, social workers and social auxillary workers based at Metro and West Coast Regions.

3. Parent support programme aimed at carers/ parents of children with TB and meningitis.

4. Support group programme for patients with resistant TB at Brooklyn Chest Hospital. 

5. Support group programme for children hospitalised in Brooklyn Chest Hospital  between the ages 7 - 13 years.

6. One on One counselling sessions for parents/carers of children admitted in hospitals reaching 150 per annum.

7. Counselling sessions for adults admitted in hospitals. 

8. Family reunification services for children discharged from hospitals. 


Type of Disability: All types of disabilities.

Location: Cape Town
Owned / Funded by / Endorsed by: (Western Cape Government)
Facility Category: Social Service Organisations (SSO)
Contact Information:
Street Address:

ABSA House 8th Floor, St George Mall, Cape Town

General Enquiries:
Telephone: 074 199 8701 / 079 502 0056
E-mail: mavisn@tbhivcare.org
Contact Notes:

Contact person: Mavis Nonkunzi 

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