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Soetwater Resort


Soetwater, sometimes translated to ‘Sweetwater’ on tourism maps, is a coastal resort located on a narrow strip of land between the sea and Slangkop Lighthouse, which towers overhead. 

An entrance fee is payable and visitor numbers are controlled to avoid overcrowding, as the resort 
is a popular destination for get togethers on summer weekends. Braai pits and picnic tables are available, and camping and caravan sites can be hired by those wanting a longer stay. 

The Parmalat Enviro Centre, which offers environmental education, life skills training and adventure camps for children, is located within the resort. 

The Soetwater area is considered ecologically sensitive, and management plans are being implemented to protect its rich biodiversity. Much of the shoreline here is rocky, but there are a few sandy bays, and two large artificial tidal pools offer safe swimming. Dense kelp beds line the shore, and crayfish divers, as well as hoop net fishers operating from small dinghies, can often be seen in their vicinity during the rock lobster season. 

Boat launching is not permitted from Soetwater, but launching ramps are available at Kommetjie and Witsands. 

Location: Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa
Website: Soetwater Resort
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Facility Category: Holiday Resorts, Camping Facilities and Caravan Parks
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Lighthouse Road, Kommetjie

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Telephone: 021 783 5914
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