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Merweville Community Policing Forum

A Community Police Forum (CPF) consists of organisations and institutions such as schools, ratepayers associations, civic organisations, businesses and religious institutions, working in partnership with the local police. The purpose of a CPF is to create and maintain a safe and secure environment for citizens living in the CPF's area.

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Location: Merweville, Beaufort West, Central Karoo, South Africa
Owned / Funded by / Endorsed by: (Western Cape Government)
Facility Category: Community Policing Forum
Contact Information:
Postal Address: PO Box 25, Merweville, 6500
General Enquiries:
Telephone: 023 501 4005
Fax: 023 501 4079
Contact Notes:

Station Commissioner: Insp. D. Hattingh
Chairperson: Mr. Macke

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