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Goukam Neurological Association



1. Clinical observation, psychometry treatment and supportive remedial therapy targeting children and their family support systems.  

2. Protective & remedial workshops: identification of strengths, weaknesses and exposure to functional workshop tasks; sills development: upholstery, sewing, baking graded in complexity and matched to level of competence.  

3. Step Down services for   children and adults recovering from injuries/ trauma.      

4. Empowerment Programme for parents on understanding and managing child's disability through modeling, play, therapy remediation- both individual and group.  

5. Family Support Programme: Teaching and facilitating functional independence, activities of daily living , bonding, grief management to assist families to do home programmes and therapy specific to the children's needs, toilet training, mobilisation etc.

6. After care and step down facility: short term residential placement with family member as primary caregiver. Training family members in behavioural management and home based care targeting  newly disabled/ injured persons.          


Type of Disability: All types of disabilities.

Location: Riversdale, Western Cape
Owned / Funded by / Endorsed by: (Western Cape Government)
Facility Category: Social Service Organisations (SSO)
Contact Information:
Street Address:

40 Long Street, Riversdale, 6670

General Enquiries:
Telephone: 028 713 4130
E-mail: goukamhealth@wispernet.co.za
Contact Notes:

Contact person: Ilze Olivier

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