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Sun powers Ipic Shopping Centre Soneike

29 June 2017
Solar PV system generates savings of around R1.7m annually

Shopping centres are energy guzzlers, a large chunk often used on lighting and air conditioning. This means that retail centres have the potential to make a big difference to both the sustainability of our environment as well as the stability of the national grid through energy efficiency measures. One such building is Ipic Shopping Centre Soneike in Kuils River. The shopping centre, which contains a range of retail shops and office space, is owned by IPIC Properties.

A 780 kW solar rooftop system was installed on Ipic Shopping Centre Soneike’s rooftop by SOLA Future Energy. The capacity of this installation is made up of 1692 Jinko 325 watt poly crystalline modules with 10 ABB Trio 50 TL Inverters. The property currently uses around 5.4m kWh of electricity per annum. With the solar PV system, it is expected that roughly 1.2m kWh will be generated through the sun’s power, saving the complex over R1.7m per year in energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint by 22% per annum, which is an expected reduction of 1 085 008 Tons for every year of the PV system's operation.

What does kWh and kWp mean?

kWp  (Kilowatts peak) : The peak performance of the solar electricity system (for example at noon or on a sunny day).

kWh (Kilowatt hours): The total amount of electricity the system actually generates in a year.

The solar PV system has a life expectancy of 20 years, and will take 4-6 years to pay off. For the owners at Ipic Shopping Centre Soneike, this means that they’ll have 14 years of "free" electricity and enjoy the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and reduced tariff costs.

Well done to IPIC Properties for investing in energy efficiency measures. Visit Become energy efficient and see how you can do your part to reduce your energy consumption.

Images and information provided by SOLA Future Energy