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Become energy efficient

Please note: From 1 April 2020 all energy security work will fall under the Energy Directorate in the Department of Economic Development & Tourism. All new information will be available on the 110% Green website.
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Energy efficiency means using electricity more efficiently or in reduced amounts – doing the same with less – either through behaviour change or installation of technological devices.

By developing smart energy habits in your household, you can start saving 10% or more on your electricity bill at no cost, including: 

  • turning down the temperature of the geyser to 60º which can reduce a household electricity bill by 5%,
  • showering instead of bathing,
  • turning off the lights in empty rooms, and
  • hanging clothes out to dry instead of using a tumble-dryer.

Adding a few low-cost items (usually for less than R1 000), up to 30% or more could be saved, for example:

  • installing a geyser timer,
  • insulating water pipes,
  • wrapping the geyser in a geyser blanket,
  • investing in LED light bulbs, and
  • sealing any drafts or gaps.

But to make a real difference and save 50% or more on your household electricity bill every month, installing energy-efficient equipment is a good investment. Options include motion-sensor lights outside, insulating the ceiling and installing roof awnings or overhangs to shade windows.

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Green Home Assessment

This Checklist serves to inform a home owner of the investments that can be made to ensure their home is resource efficient and to provide further beneficial suggestions.

Is your home a guzzler?
Sustainability Checklist (pdf, 315.93 KB)

Household Electricity Audit

The first step to energy efficiency is to understand where and when you are using the most electricity. To find out where you can save electricity and money in your home, we have developed a Household Electricity Audit spreadsheet which you can download below. 

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