The Western Cape Government Environmental Affairs and Development Planning are happy to announce that the Western Cape State of Environment Outlook Report is now available.

The environment is a cross-cutting issue and the purpose of the Western Cape State of Environment Outlook Report is to provide information on environmental trends so that everyone can take decisions that affect the environment based on credible information. This report therefore details the current state of environmental resources and identifies environmental trends and priority concerns under the following themes: land, biodiversity and ecosystem health, inland water, oceans and coasts, human settlements, air quality, climate change, energy and waste management.

The results from the report show that although the natural systems are still in a state that can sustain the current levels of social development and economic activity, the socio-economic gains being made currently are at the expense of our natural resources. The outlook for all our natural resources is declining, our land and energy aspects are relatively stable but in need of revision and we have slightly more positive outlooks for our waste management and human settlement indicators. More needs to be done to protect critically sensitive or important environmental features, and the ability of the region to adapt to impacts from climate change is uncertain. A radical shift in the modus operandi is required throughout the province to respond to these findings. If we do not change our approach to environmental resource management as well as service provision and economic activity, we will see increasing costs of doing business. Moving forward, service delivery and economic growth must be resource efficient, low carbon based and enhance societal resilience if we are to find a more balanced approach to using our limited resources.

Please be at liberty to download the separated chapters of the Western Cape State of Environment Outlook Report (SoEOR) by clicking here.

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