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Mossel Bay opens new community business parks

9 October 2020

Two new office parks and facilities for the community has been opened in Mossel Bay.

Anton Bredell, Provincial Minister of Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, officially opened the Beehives projects in Kwa-Nonqaba and D’Almeida, two communities in Mossel Bay, this morning.

“These facilities developed by the department of Environmental Affairs under the Western Cape Government’s Regional Socio-Economic Programme, cost approximately R13.2 million rand. These community projects are Resource Centres meant to improve the quality of life of the residents in these communities. The Kwa-Nonqaba  Youth and Business Park has 19 trader units for small community businesses which includes nine actively fronting the street, a car wash, ablution facilities, an astroturf chill area, an outdoor gym, a raised dancing stage, space for informal traders, art murals, a playground and a security guard house.”

Bredell says the De Almeida Trader Hub has 15 units, art murals, parking and other critical elements.

“Over and above the jobs provided during the construction phases in 2018/19, both trader hubs now collectively ensure that more than 34 local businesses have attractive, safe and affordable spaces to do business and that youth groups have a safe place to get together and where future community events can be held.”

Bredell says communities in South Africa continue to struggle under poverty, unemployment and inequality.

“The Western Cape government is very aware of these challenges and it is our goal to build a Province where every citizen can access the opportunities needed to improve their lives. Part of our work in providing an enabling environment for the people living in our province is a continued effort to improve communities and provide tools and places where communities can improve their lives.  Safe spaces like these new business centres.


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