Breede River Environmental Resources Protection Plan (ERPP) | DEA&DP

Breede River Environmental Resources Protection Plan (ERPP)


The Breede River ERPP supports improving and sustaining our shared environmental and water resources. The Breede River ERPP aims to:

  • Promote sustainable land use practices which could include ‘Conservation Agriculture’, technology such as soil moisture content determination using satellite technology etc.;
  • Reduce the negative impacts to rivers and streams emanating from municipal sources such as sub-optimal performing waste water treatment works or informal settlements with inadequate water or sanitary infrastructure;
  • Ensure that to ensure sustainable resource use efficiency and sustained ecological integrity one needs to recognise the value of ecosystem services, and in doing so needs to promote growth and development and the sustainable use and protection of our of water resources;
  • Promote knowledge of the value of water and ways of ensuring the value of this resource is enhanced by constant reinforcement to all stakeholders;
  • Promote current innovative bioremediation technologies and solutions to augment currently available basket of tools for water quality enhancement;
  • Promote the rehabilitation of areas, especially river riparian zones, cleared of alien plants by planting area specific indigenous plants and maintaining the rehabilitated sites;


  • Monitor water and the sediment quality river of the Breede River and the Breede Estuary to ensure early identification of pollution ‘hot spots’;
  • Improve the performance of WWTW by improving the skills level of the operators;
  • Advocate best practise in land use for urban settlements
  • Upgrade informal settlements through innovative interventions in collaboration with partner stakeholders;
  • Advocate best practise in land use for agriculture which could include using modern technology, such as satellite technology, to determine optimum irrigation patterns;
  • Rehabilitate and manage the riparian zone
  • Determine the economic cost water within Breede River catchment;
  • Determine the of the river’s ecological status and implementing interventions (some mentioned above) to ensure stability or improvement of the ecological integrity;
  • Promote eco-tourism, strengthen environmental governance, facilitate environmental awareness and education.

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