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Berg River Improvement Plan


Water is the most critical natural resource in the economic sector, with communities and industry deriving goods and services from river systems in their catchment areas. The Berg River catchment is home to irrigated agricultural land, mainly vineyards and fruit trees. About 70% of the crop produced in the catchment is exported to the European Union and the United Kingdom (UK).

Pollution in the Berg River catchment, however, is a cause of great concern especially to communities, farmers and industry in the various municipalities of the West Coast and Cape Winelands regions. Various stakeholders have implemented initiatives to address the pollution concerns raised.

The aim of the Improvement Plan is to have broadly have aspects of Water Stewardship Programmes and supportive water quality and economic research for the Berg River Catchment to assist the community in understanding and finding solutions to the above pollution concerns. The outcome will be a Berg River, where its value for ecosystem services is recognised, and platforms for engagement around these matters have been created.


  • Analysis of resource economic issues in support of ecosystem services & understand water quality concerns
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Supporting rehabilitation of land in the riverine area
  • Bioremediation innovation in informal settlements
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