Planning and Policy Coordination | DEA&DP


The purpose of the Planning and Policy Coordination Directorate is to:

1. Co-ordinate integrated environmental and land management planning, which includes:

  • Assisting the Department in policy related research on emerging risks and other strategic concerns, where Departmental intervention/response is required. For example, the establishment and management of the Western Cape Intra-Governmental Shale Gas Forum.
  • Developing best practice thinking in the implementation of environmental management instruments/strategic assessment tools in order to contribute to the development of an appropriate regulatory context and to diversify the suite of possible tools. For example, the compilation and implementation of the Sandveld Environmental Management Framework and the Sandveld Environmental Management Framework Standards

2. Facilitate the development and maintenance of a comprehensive, cohesive and integrated suite of environmental and land management laws and policies, which includes:

  • Contributing to the development of an appropriate suite of legislation and policy, through the coordination of Departmental inputs on external policy and law reform initiatives.
  • Facilitating appropriate Departmental responses (interpretation and operationalisation) to law and policy reform.

3. Coordinate stakeholder engagements, which includes:

  • Assisting with the coordination of the Department’s international stakeholder interactions.
  • Coordinating the Department’s involvement and representation in the various structures established in terms of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act, 2005, i.e. MinTech, MinMec and its technical working groups.