Environmental Law Enforcement | DEA&DP


The Directorate: Environmental Law Enforcement (“the Directorate”) was established in early 2009 and resides within the Chief Directorate: Environmental Governance, Policy Co-ordination and Enforcement. 

The Directorate has Environmental Management Inspectors (“EMIs”) who enforce environmental legislation in the Western Cape.  These EMIs, also known as the “Green Scorpions”, conducts administrative and criminal investigations into serious environmental crimes. The Directorate also conducts intergovernmental compliance and enforcement operations and create awareness about environmental rights and contraventions.

The Directorate consists of four Sub-Directorates, namely:
•    Environmental Law Enforcement (Region 1 – Cape Town/West Coast)
•    Environmental Law Enforcement (Region 2 –Cape Winelands/Overberg)
•    Environmental Law Enforcement (Region 3 – Eden/Karoo)
•    Criminal Investigations


The Directorate enforces the following pieces of legislation:
•    National Environmental Management Act, 1998
•    National Environmental Management Act, 1998, Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations
•    National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008
•    National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004
•    Environmental Conservation Act, 1989.
•    National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management, 2008

The Green Scorpions investigates complaints such as, but not limited to: 
•    Illegal removal or clearing of indigenous vegetation, 
•    Illegal construction of facilities or infrastructure for the storage of dangerous goods, 
•    The construction or earth moving activities in the sea or a distance of 100 metres inland of the high-water mark of the sea, 
•    The illegal infilling or excavation within a watercourse or the sea,
•    Illegal disposal of general and hazardous waste (which includes health care risk waste).

Awareness raising:

•    Conduct presentations with primary and secondary schools;
•    Conduct presentations with tertiary institutions;
•    Conduct presentations with Municipality, Civil Society, Key Stakeholders and Interest Groups; and
•    Conduct presentations with SAPS, NPA and other Law Enforcement Agencies


Dale Wakefield (Region 1 – Cape Town/West Coast)
Email:  Dale.Wakefield@westerncape.gov.za 
Tel. 021 483 8360

Nithzaam Albertyn (Region 2 –Cape Winelands/Overberg)
Email: Nithzaam.Albertyn@westerncape.gov.za 
Tel. 021 483 0779

Johan Oelofse (Region 3 – Eden/Karoo)
Email: Johan.Oelofse@westerncape.gov.za 
Tel. 044 805 8601

Alternatively, any complaints / environmental crimes / incidents may be reported to: Law.enforcement@westerncape.gov.za or reported on the 24 hour toll-free Incidents Hotline at 0800 205 005.