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Reports & Research: W

Government reports and research, listed alphabetically by title. These publications are also listed under the appropriate life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
Governance and Integration (Governance and Institutional Support)
The purpose of this report is to provide a summary of the dialogue and key issues which emanated from the national IDP Hearings between April and June 2005, with specific reference to experiences in Western Cape municipalities.
(File type: pdf; size: 478.95 KB)Culture and Heritage (Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport, Western Cape Government)
A study of the performance of the provincial government in meeting the language needs among its personnel, stakeholders and the general public.
Department of Economic Development and Tourism (Western Cape Government)
Department of the Premier (Western Cape Government)

This publication contains the headline findings from an online survey conducted by the Department of the Premier on Western Cape Government (WCG) staff working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Department of Health and Wellness (Western Cape Government)
Subtitle: Western Cape Burden of Disease Reduction Project: Final Report 2007
(File type: pdf; size: 1.05 MB)Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety (Western Cape Government)
(File type: pdf; size: 130.66 KB)Municipal Infrastructure
These notes are in response to the undertaking given at the closure of the Conference that "the result of this breakaway session must be analysed and circulated to attendees for reference and application" and "The Department of Local Government will do the editing in ensuring that the major issues are captured and ultimately fed into a targeted IDP Support Strategy"
(File type: pdf; size: 631.12 KB)Department of Trade and Industry (National) (The Government of South Africa)
(File type: pdf; size: 315.18 KB)Safety Information and Research (Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Western Cape Government)
This report analyses murder rates in the Western Cape during the 2003/2004 financial year. It takes a close look at different regions in the province.
(File type: pdf; size: 830.53 KB)Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety (Western Cape Government)
(File type: pdf; size: 10.6 MB)Ministry of Police Oversight and Community Safety (Provincial Cabinet, Western Cape Government)
(File type: pdf; size: 212.26 KB)Municipal Infrastructure
This document is a report of an investigation into the status of Kluitjieskraal and Waterval area. The communities living in these areas have an expectation, after the re-demarcation of municipal boundaries, of improved municipal service delivery. Municipalities, however, are prohibited to deliver services on private land without proper authorisation.
Department of Trade and Industry (National) (The Government of South Africa)

This report is the final output of a detailed review of the context for gender and women’s economic empowerment in South Africa. 

The department of Local Government has hosted a workshop with its main purpose as to facilitate the introduction of Community Development Workers (CDWs) in the Western Cape.