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Public Information: K

General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
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This document contains pictures of the Bosdorp and the Welsynsdorp area.
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This report gives a brief overview of the Karatara project and the future plans for the project.
This presentation contains a description of KEEG and its objectives, including information on e-government and its benefits. There are also brief outlines on the Cape Online programme and the Cape Gateway flagship project. Finally, a list of online resources is provided for more information on e-government.

To take the stress out of assessing your home's security measures, we've compiled a list of items that you should prioritise in order to increase the safety of your family and your belongings.

As a cultural rite of passage, male initiation marks the transition from boyhood (ubukhwenkwe in isiXhosa) to manhood (ubudoda in isiXhosa) and is practised by the Xhosa, Hlubi and Sotho tribes in the Western Cape. The winter initiation season in the Western Cape is from May to July each year, and in the summer season from November to January.  Only Xhosa initiates practise initiation during winter. 

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A list of undisputed facts about HIV, the way that it is transmitted and how it can be prevented all of which goes toward dispelling myths and de-stigmatising the illness.

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This document gives an overview of the Urban Renewal Programme Anchor Projects in Khayelitsha.
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This brochure explains how entrepreneurs can obtain financing from banks and other financial institutions with the assistance of the guarantee scheme.
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This brochure contains information on how to apply for assistance from the fund to acquire manufacturing technology.
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This is a draft action plan that must be in co-operation with the Witzenberg Municipality.

Protect yourself and have a blood test to find out if you have hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day, 28 July. Early detection and treatment can lead to full recovery. 

Know who to call when you're in trouble. Make sure you have the correct contact details handy for a speedy response to your specific emergency.

In an emergency every second counts and it could mean the difference between life and death. Currently, there’s no single emergency number in South Africa so it’s very important for you to have the correct contact details handy for a speedy response to your specific emergency.


This guideline explains the labour laws contained in the Labour Relations Act.

Some people prefer to retire at an early age while others choose to work for as long as possible. Whatever your preference, you need to know what your rights and options are.

The Know your SAPS Station Commander Booklet was put together by the Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety (Directorate: Monitoring and Evaluation). It contains the contact information of the station and cluster commanders in the 16 policing clusters in the Western Cape. 

This document explains what socio-economic rights are, how they are guaranteed in the South African Constitution and how they will be realised.

The Kwanokuthula e-Centre, in the Bitou Municipality, and the Cape Access Programme is bridging the technology gap for the community of Kwanokuthula in Plettenberg Bay. Access to information and communication technologies (ICT) has also brought with it an opportunity for personal growth and socio-economic upliftment.