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The Western Cape Government works very hard to accommodate all children in the provincial school system. We want all children who are preparing for their first year of primary or high school, to find a suitable placement in time for the new academic year.

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Earth Hour has grown into one of the biggest environmental campaigns in the world. Last year, 172 countries and territories participated. This is a massive growth from its start in Sydney, Australia in 2007. There were also over 2 billion impressions of the campaign hashtags on Twitter in the 3 days leading up to Earth Hour. The campaign continues to mobilise people of all ages across the globe to take action against the most immediate threat to the survival of our planet: climate change.

About Earth Hour

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Climate change affects all of us. Join the Earth Hour movement by switching off all your lights and non-essential appliances on Saturday, 24 March from 20:30 to 21:30. Learn more about Earth Hour and how climate change affects us all.

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Join millions of people around the world on 30 March from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm for Earth Hour. Switch off your lights and appliances to show that you're taking a stand against climate change. 

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There are many ways to lower your energy consumption and save money in and around your home.

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What is Ebola?

Ebola virus disease (EVD) was formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever and is a severe, often fatal illness in humans and non-human primates (monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees).

How is it Transmitted?

The Ebola virus can spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes including the nose, mouth and eyes) with the blood or any body fluids of an infected person, so remember:

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  • Quarterly Economic Reports
These reports summarise the findings of the provincial quarterly economic reviews undertaken for the Western Cape Government by the Bureau for Economic Research, University of Stellenbosch.
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 "We provide support to the provincial leadership and enable economic growth through the generation and co-ordination of economic research and planning, and through the active support of key economic thematic drivers and enablers that will stimulate economic growth across the economy and within sections of the economy."



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Of the Western Cape Government’s R59 billion budget, 8.41% will be spent in the Eden district.

Infrastructure led growth leads to job creation. Some of the major infrastructure projects in this area are:

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This notice details the electricity load shedding schedule for Thursday, 18 January 2007.
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At Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute students learn about the fundamental principles of farming and other agricultural practices.

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This is a list of useful contact numbers to keep next to the telephone in case of an emergency. You can also add important personal numbers to the list.

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If you've had unprotected sex and fear that it may lead to an unwanted pregnancy, you can consider taking an emergency contraceptive. 

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This publication provides information about employment of people with disabilities to employers and employees.

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The Employment Equity Act protects you, and your rights, from any form of discrimination by your employer. Here’s all you need to know about this Act.

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An increasing problem, and cause for major concern, within our communities is the rise in childhood obesity. This is mainly due to poor diet and a lack of exercise.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a child's weight and height. BMI is one indicator of body fat percentage for most children and teens, and is an inexpensive and easy-to-perform method of screening for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

For children, BMI is used to screen for obesity, but it's important to remember that it's not a diagnostic tool. 

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132 bird species in South Africa are regionally threatened and vulnerable, and some could even face extinction. Here's how you can change that.

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Integrated Development Planning (IDP) information of the Department and Cultural Affairs and Sport.
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Western Cape entrepreneurs are invited to enter the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards. 
Entries open on 15 July 2014. The closing date has been extended to 15 September 2014. Read more about the competition and conditions below. 
Or visit the Awards website for more detailed information and to register and enter.    
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If you’re a techno-enthusiast or have an appetite for the internet, you could win up to R10 000 by entering the Department of Economic Development and Tourism internet competition.

This initiative is hosted under the Western Cape Broadband Initiative and follows the roll-out of several public WiFi zones in our province.

It’s open to all citizens in the Western Cape and is made up of two categories, which will run at the same time.

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The Western Cape Government is implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) system to improve service delivery.

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS), as the custodian for records management in the provincial government, is tasked with mainstreaming ECM. This will enforce records management policy within the Western Cape and thereby provide more efficient access to information; a reduction in paper wastage and storage costs; and the effective safeguarding of institutional knowledge and institutional memory.

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NATURE OF SUPPORT: Financial assistance 
BENEFICIARIES: Businesses (including co-operatives) operating in the Western Cape that has a black shareholding of at least 51%.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Enterprise Development Fund is an initiative between the Department of Economic Development and Tourism and the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) aimed at supporting qualifying small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) as well as co-operatives in the Western Cape with financial support. 
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Find out about the support which we offer to entrepreneurs to help start-ups grow. 

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Township economies are often forgotten as opportunity-laden contributors to our economy. Many people underestimate their importance.

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This is a complete list of all environmental documents.

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Information for port health officers and airline crew on the signs and symptoms of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome and what needs to be done when a passenger presents with symptoms.
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This publication introduces the Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, 4 of 2000, and explains what actions are considered unfair discrimination in terms of the Act. It also describes the role and procedures of the Equality Court.
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Upcoming Events:

Provincial Breastfeeding Webinar 2021

Date: 6 August 2021
Time: 08h30 - 14h00

Enquiries: or

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This calender outlines the events for the National Water and Sanitation Weeks 2007.
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Teaching is considered to be the mother of all professions and it requires lots of understanding and patience. We tell you what you’ll need to qualify as a teacher.  


What you need to do

If you want to study to become a qualified teacher, you have to meet 1 of 2 requirements:

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This brochure provides information to mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of their babies' lives. The pamphlet also answers some of the tricky questions about breastfeeding.

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What is the EPWP?

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South African tax residents who worked overseas for more than 183 days (of which 60 consecutive) were exempt from paying income tax on their foreign earnings but that has now changed. It was suggested that this exemption be relooked in the 2019 Budget Review and the term “expat tax” has since been buzzing among South Africans near and far.

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Rocherpan Nature Reserve now has 4 new eco-friendly accommodation units for nature lovers to enjoy.

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This booklet contains information on the 25 nature reserves in the Western Cape. It also contains a pricelist for tourist facilities in the reserves.
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Be a tourist in your own province and experience the beauty of the West Coast region. With the Atlantic Ocean as its western border, the Cape West Coast boasts many pristine, sandy white beaches and has a feast of attractions sure to suit the whole family.

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The Western Cape offers diverse destinations that cater for everybody’s taste. From mountain retreats, forest meanders, Karoo night skies and a choice of hiking trails along two different oceans - you'll always find new and exciting scenery. 

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This pamphlet will prepare you for your child's visit to the Eye Clinic. It serves as a guide, giving you all sorts of helpful information.
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