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Guidelines, Manuals & Instructions: R

Government guidelines, manuals and instructions, listed alphabetically by title. These documents are also listed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
(File type: pdf; size: 1012.76 KB)Department of Health (Western Cape Government)

These regulations govern the registration of ambulance services in the province, the management of these services, the imposition of fines or penalties where necessary; the powers of emergency services personnel; the training of personnel; fees for services and other issues that concern ambulance services.

(File type: pdf; size: 1.54 MB)Financial Governance and Accounting (Provincial Treasury, Western Cape Government)
This risk management framework sets out key elements of risk management, including the definition, components and underlying principles of risk management, as well as its benefits and limitations and roles and responsibilities of various parties.
(File type: pdf; size: 3.08 MB)Transport Management (Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)