Western Cape Provincial Acts: 2010 | Western Cape Government

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Western Cape Provincial Acts: 2010

(File type: pdf; size: 2.47 MB)No. 1 of 2010
(File type: pdf; size: 269 bytes)No. 15 of 2010
No. 2 of 2010
To provide for measures to safeguard the physical well-being and safety of persons and property at sports, recreational, religious, cultural, exhibitional, organisational or similar events held at stadiums, venues or along a route; to provide for the accountability of event role players.
(File type: pdf; size: 1.16 MB)No. 9 of 2010
(File type: pdf; size: 55.77 KB)1 January 2010
The Act provides for the licensing of ambulance services in the Province; and for matters connected therewith.
(File type: pdf; size: 503.56 KB)2010
(File type: pdf; size: 224.22 KB)No. 8 of 2010
(File type: pdf; size: 224.22 KB)No. 8 of 2010
To restict the business interests of employees of the Provincial Government and of provincial public entities as well as members of the controlling bodies of such entities, entities consulting business with the Provincial Government and provincial public entities; to provide for the disclosure of such interests; and to provide for matters incidental thereto.