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National Acts: 1997

No. 33 of 1997
This Act provides for the abolishment of corporal punishment.
(File type: pdf; size: 133.7 KB)No. 75 of 1997
This Act gives effect to the right to fair labour practices which is guaranteed by the Constitution. It establishes and regulates basic conditions of employment.
No. 67 of 1997
This Act amends the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1992, so as to further regulate changing the particulars on documents held by the Department of Home Affairs. It also provides for the assumption of another surname.
(File type: pdf; size: 194.11 KB)No. 61 of 1997
This Act amends the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993.
(File type: pdf; size: 154.11 KB)No. 100 of 1997
This legislation amends the South African Schools Act of 1996, the National Education Policy Act of 1996, the Educators' Employment Act of 1994 and repeals the National Policy on the Salaries and Conditions of Employment of Educators Act, 1984.
(File type: pdf; size: 276.18 KB)No. 101 of 1997
This Act makes provision for a unified and nationally planned system of HE and creates the statutory CHE, which advises the Minister and is responsible for quality assurance and promotion. The HE Act, 1997, Education White Paper 3 on HE (1997) and the National Plan for HE form the basis for the transformation of the HE sector.
(File type: pdf; size: 497.49 KB)No. 107 of 1997
This Act makes provision for national, provincial and local government to help those most in need to get housing through housing development.
(File type: pdf; size: 90.43 KB)No. 68 of 1997
This legislation sets out when and how South African identity documents are to be issued. It also provides for the creation and maintenance of the population register.
(File type: pdf; size: 74.84 KB)No. 55 of 1997
This Act establishes a national advisory council on innovation and regulates its composition, objects and functions.
(File type: pdf; size: 113.75 KB)No. 56 of 1997
(File type: msword; size: 67.5 KB)No. 73 of 1997
No. 71 of 1997
This act regulates the non-profit organisation sector
No. 108 of 1997
This legislation provides for the rights of access to basic water supply and basic sanitation and regulates how this will be implemented.
(File type: pdf; size: 153.32 KB)No. 106 of 1997
This law amends the Child Care Act provisions controlling who may care for children separated from their parents. It also amends the Social Assistance Act, 1992 to provide equal access to social assistance and it introduces the child-support grant.