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National Acts: 1996

This Act sets out the circumstances in which and conditions under which a woman may terminate a pregnancy.
No. 28 of 1996
This Act enables community groups, called communal property associations, to acquire, hold and manage property.
No. 95 of 1996
This Act amends the Divorce Act, 1979 and gives the court the power to refuse to grant a divorce if the spouses are bound by their religion to effect a divorce in accordance with their religion.
No. 100 of 1996
This Act extends the application of the Environment Conservation Act, 1989 to the parts of South Africa that were previously considered TBVC states or self-governing entities.
No. 31 of 1996
This Act provide temporary protection for people with insecure tenure to prevent them from losing their rights to land while land reform is being introduced.
No. 3 of 1996
This Act To provide for security of tenure of labour tenants and provides for labour tenants to acquire land and rights in land.
No. 27 of 1996
This Act is designed to identify the policy, legislative and monitoring responsibilities of the Minister of Education, and to formalise relations between national and provincial authorities. It established the CEM and HEDCOM as intergovernmental forums to collaborate in building the new system and provides for the determination of national policies in general and further education and training for, among other things, curriculum, assessment, language policy and quality assurance. The Act embodies the principle of co-operative governance, as elaborated in the Constitution.
No. 93 of 1996
This Act provides for road traffic matters throughout South Africa. It regulates registering and licensing motor vehicles, learner, driver and professional driver's licences, roadworthiness, vehicle registration, road safety, transporting dangerous goods, road traffic signs, the general speed limit, accidents and accident reports, and reckless or negligent driving.
No. 102 of 1996
This Act provides for the establishment of the National Small Business Council and the Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency and provides guidelines for organs of state to promote small business.
(File type: pdf; size: 85.06 KB)No. 84 of 1996
This Act outlines compulsory attendance for learners, admission to public schools, language policy of public schools, freedom of conscience and religion at public schools, a code of conduct, suspension and expulsion from a public school, prohibition of corporal punishment, status of public schools, governing body functions, funding of schools, school fees, registration of independent schools, subsidies to independent schools, and home schooling.