Social Crime Prevention Programme

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The Department of Community Safety offers social crime prevention and life skills training for young people from disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape.
The Department of Social Development, together with non-profit organisations, runs a number of crime prevention programmes that aim to keep young people from committing crimes by keeping them out of gangs and clean of drugs.
There are numerous organisations in South Africa working with Youth around a vast variety of topics. These organisations include non-profit organisations, faith-based organisations, government sponsored initiatives and community-based initiatives. To...
Invitation for applications for the accreditation of Diversion Programmes and Diversion Service Providers. The closing date is on 31 July 2014.
The provincial Department of Social Development, along with non-profit organisations, runs a number of diversion programmes for children who have run foul of the law. "Diversion" refers to diverting an accused child away from formal court procedures...