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Partial Care and Early Childhood Development Programme

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A Safe and secure environment: A registered Early Childhood Development Facility should be in a safe, clean and well looked-after building, with constant adult supervision. A Registered Learning programme: Early Childhood Development Facilities must...
The DSD may fund the provision of After School Care Services. Registered After School Care facilities (ASC) not run by formal schools that comply with minimum norms and standards for ASC services to facilitate the emotional, intellectual, mental,...
Step 1 –Application for funding (31 July every 3 years)
Meet with the relevant Service Organisation: Before you establish an After School Care Service, you must meet...
REQUIREMENTS FOR (RE)REGISTRATION: The following process is applicable to:
Early Childhood Development partial care facilities must have structured and developmental stage appropriate programmes for different age groups. These must encourage development through self-discovery, communication and sensory skills, along with...
The Department of Social Development will perform monitoring and evaluation of your registered Early Childhood Development Services to ensure...
Many parents and other caregivers now have to take care of their young children all day at home due to the closure of ECD centres and playgroups as part of the measures that Government put in place to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus.
Overall focus   Early Childhood Development services means services intended to promote early childhood development; and are provided by a person, other than a child’s parents or caregiver, on a regular basis to children up to school-going age. These...
After school programmes offer individual attention to children and focus on mentorship, targeted enrichment, group support and life skills.