Registered Early Childhood Development partial care facilities | Western Cape Government

Registered Early Childhood Development partial care facilities

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1000 Voetjies Day Care : In the process of re-registration
101 Dalmations Educare
123 Lets Play Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
123 Lets Play Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
1st Step Educare
3 Bear Montesouri Based Educare
3 Bears Educare
3 Varkies Vroee Kinderontwikkeling
7 De Laan Creche
7 Little Stars Educare Centre
A.C.V.V Aftercare Centre (Jolly Jumpers) : In the process of re-registration
A.C.V.V Aftershool Centre Parkdene : In the process of re-registration
A.C.V.V Bothasig
A.C.V.V De Grendel : In the process of re-registration
A.C.V.V Delft Educare Voorbrug
A.C.V.V Die Speelkasteel
A.C.V.V Heidi Versorgingsoord
A.C.V.V Kleuterland
A.C.V.V L'Amour Martinelle Ceche
A.C.V.V Lenkel Dienkel Preprimary School
A.C.V.V Naskool
A.C.V.V Pikkieland Creche (Hester Hablutzel)
A.C.V.V Rooibooitjie Creche
A.C.V.V Sandkasteel Creche
A.C.V.V Siembamba Versorgingsoord
A.C.V.V Speelkasteel
A.C.V.V Tafelronde
A.C.V.V Tinktinkie Versorgingsoord
A.C.V.V Trippel Toontjies
A.C.V.V Vinknes Creche
A.C.V.V. Goudini Spa Creche
A.C.V.V. Miernes Speelgroep : In the process of re-registration
A.C.V.V. Touwtjiesland Versorgingsoord
AA Montessori School : In the process of re-registration
Aaqeelah's Day Care Centre
Aaron Figaji Creche : In the process of re-registration
Abacus Montessori Pre School : In the process of re-registration
ABC & 123 Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
ABC Educare
ABC Educare
ABC Pre-Primary School
ABC Pre-Primary School
Abra-Kedabra Creche
Abra-Kedabra Creche
Academy of Kings and Queens Educare
Acorn Christian Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
ACP African Community Project Day Care
Active Kids Educare : In the process of re-registration
Adelaide Tambo Creche
Adelaide Tambo Educare
Adolf Hartman Siyakhulisa Educare
Adonai Educare : In the process of re-registration
African Tikkun (Lewis Group) ECD
Aftercare CEF Family Centre
Agape Kleuterland
Agatha Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Ai-izzah Educare & Afterschool
Airlie Country Pre-School
Aitsa Aftercare Centre
Akkerdoppie Pre-Primary
Akkerjakker Creche : In the process of re-registration
Akkerland daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Akkertjieland Bewaarskool
Al Falaagh Madrassa (Bellville Islamic Society) : In the process of re-registration
Al Falaah Educare : In the process of re-registration
Alabama Voorskoolse Projek
Albertina Sisulu Day Care Centre
Albertina Sisulu Educare : In the process of re-registration
Alex Blainkie Montesorri
Alexander Hostel & Afterschool care
ALG Bewaarskool Swartvlei
Alhambra Nasorg Sentrum
Alhambra Play School (Daycare)
Alida Kriel Dagsorg
Aloe Creche
Alpha & Omega Educare Centre
Alpha & Omega Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Alpha Educare : In the process of re-registration
Alpha Educare Centre
Alpha Educare Centre Hanover Park
Alpha Pre-School : In the process of re-registration
Amandal Nasorg : In the process of re-registration
Amstelhof Nasorgsentrum
Amy Biehl Enrichment Educare Browns Farm : In the process of re-registration
Anethemba Educare
Angel's Only Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Angels of Hearts Educare Centre
Angie's Daycare : In the process of re-registration
Anne Fredericks Pre-Primer : In the process of re-registration
Anne's Toddlers and Welfare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Annies Paradise : In the process of re-registration
Appeltjieland Bewaarskool
Appeltjiesland Nasorg
Applewood Preparatory School : In the process of re-registration
AR-Rasheed Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Ark Angels
Arthur Educare
Asheeqah's Babies
Asheeqah's Educare
Ashron Pre-Primary
Aspatat Dagsorg
Asterix Pre Primer : In the process of re-registration
Athenkosi Educare
Athlone Church Of Christ Educare Centre
ATKV Abbasorg
Atlantis Methodist Educare Centre
Auret Street Kids
Aviat Creche
Avondal Aftercare
Avondal Kleuterskool en Nasorg
Avontuur After School Care
Avontuur Enrichment Centre
Avonwood Educare Centre
B's Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
B.F.F Aftercare Centre
Baba Dagsorg : In the process of re-registration
Baba Pauli Creche : In the process of re-registration
Babbel & Krabbel Bewaarskool Piketberg
Babbel and Bekkie Daycare
Babbel and Krabbel Educare Centre
Babbel Bekkie Dagsorg
Babbel Bekkies
Babbel Bekkies
Babbel en Krabbel
Babbel en Krabbel Bewaarskool
Babbel en Krabbel Bewaarskool - Citrusdal : In the process of re-registration
Babbel En Krabbel Malmesbury
Babbel en Krabbel Opvoedkundige Speelskool
Babbelbekkies Bewaarskool
Babbelbekkies Bewaarskool Ebenhaeser
Babbelbekkies Creche
Babbelbekkies Creche - Disselsfontein : In the process of re-registration
Babbelbekkies Dagsorg Sentrum - Ceres : In the process of re-registration
Babbelbekkies Dagsorg/ Daycare
Babbelbekkies Educare : In the process of re-registration
Babbelbekkies Pre-Primary School
Babbelbekkies Speelkring
Babbels & Krabbels
Babbels en Krabbels
Babbels en Krabbels
Babbels en Krabbels - Oudtshoorn
BABS Educare
Baby Bears
Baby Eagles Educare Centre
Baby Steps Daycare
Badisa Breede Valley Rawsonville Primary School - After School Care
Badisa Sandhills Community Creche : In the process of re-registration
Bahla Farmosa School
Bairnsleigh Pre-Primary School
Balmoral Disney Creche
Bambanani Dagsorg : In the process of re-registration
Bambanani Daycare Creche
Bambi Daycare
Bambino Bewaarskool
Bambino Bewaarskool : In the process of re-registration
Bambino Creche 2 : In the process of re-registration
Bambino Educare
Bambino Play School
Bambino se Warmnessie
Bambino Voorskool
Bambino's Creche
Bambinos Educare
Barney and Friends Educare
Barneys Angels : In the process of re-registration
Barnyard Quality Educare Playgroup : In the process of re-registration
Beacon Valley Educare
Beacon Valley Islamic Educare
Beaconridge Daycare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Beaulah Playgroup
Bekkies en Boudjies
Belgravia Islamic Day Care : In the process of re-registration
Belindia Dagsorgsentrum
Belle Vue Creche
Bellevue Creche
Belvedere Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Ben-Elohim Creche
Bennie Boekwurm
Bereaville Library and Community Centre : In the process of re-registration
Bergendal Kleuterskool : In the process of re-registration
Berseba Hardertjies Kleuterskool
Besige Bytjie Speelgroep
Besige Bytjies
Besige Bytjies
Besige Bytjies Bewaarskool (Koue Bokkeveld)
Besige Bytjies Buffelskloof : In the process of re-registration
Besige Bytjies creche
Besige Handtjies Daycare Centre
Besige Kabouters Kleuterskool
Besige Kabouters Naskool Sentrum
Best Buddies Day Care Centre : In the process of re-registration
Betco Creche Villiersdorp : In the process of re-registration
Bethany Care Centre
Bethany Daycare Centre
Betheli Creche
Beulah Playgroup
Beulah's Duckie Daycare Centre
Bhongolethu Foundation : In the process of re-registration
Biesmiellah Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Bimbo Versorgingsoord
Bitou around table creche
Bizzy Kids Early Development Learning Academy
Blaauwklippen Creche : In the process of re-registration
Blackheath Educare
Blanco Creche
Blommeland Creche
Blommeland Day Care
Blommeland Day Care Centre
Blommeland Day Care Centre
Blommeland Kleuterskool
Blommeland Speelkring : In the process of re-registration
Blommies Daycare : In the process of re-registration
Blooming Stars 2
Blooming Stars Educare
Blouberg Baby College : In the process of re-registration
Blouberg Baby College : In the process of re-registration
Bloubergrant Pre-Primary School : In the process of re-registration
Blue Balloon Playgroup : In the process of re-registration
Blue Willow Playschool : In the process of re-registration
Bo Kaap Daycare Centre
Bo-Radyn : In the process of re-registration
Bo-Radyn Creche
Bollie en sy Vrolike Familie
Bollie Kabouter Durbanville
Bollie Konyn Creche
Bollieland Creche
Bongani Day Care
Bonginkosi Educare
Bongolethu Childcare Centre
Bongolethu Creche : In the process of re-registration
Bongolwethu Educare
Bongulethu Home Educare
Bongulethu Home Educare
Bonisa Educare
Bonnie Peoples Project
Bonnie Ponnie Creche (Satellite Nonna) : In the process of re-registration
Bonokuhle Afterschool Care : In the process of re-registration
Bony Educare Centre
Boplaas Creche : In the process of re-registration
Born Again Educare
Bosko Christian School Jolly Tots Play Preschool
Boston House NR2 Educare Centre
Bovlei Educare
Bovlei Educare
Brak en Jan Bewaarskool
Brakanjan Educare : In the process of re-registration
Brakfontein Landgoed Bewaarskool : In the process of re-registration
Brakkie Nasorg : In the process of re-registration
Brandwacht Aftercare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Bren's Educare Day Care Centre
Bridge Park Daycare Centre
Bridges Play Centre
Bridgton Pre-Primary School
Bright and Beautiful Daycare : In the process of re-registration
Bright Horizons Early Learning Centre
Bright Kids Daycare
Bright Sparks Pre-school
Bright Start Educare : In the process of re-registration
Brighton Nurse
Brigitte's Bush Babies : In the process of re-registration
Bring a smile
Bronaar Nasorg Sentrum
Bubble Buddies Kleuterskool : In the process of re-registration
Bubble Buddies Nasorgsentrum : In the process of re-registration
Bubble Gummers Creche
Bubblegummers Creche
Buffeltjies Creche
Bugs Montessori Play School
Buhle Daycare : In the process of re-registration
Buhle Educare
Buhle Educare
Building the Walls of the Communities
Bulelani educare centre : In the process of re-registration
Bulelani Ku Hevova
Bull Frogs and Bufferflies
Bumble Bee Educare
Bumble Bee Educare : In the process of re-registration
Busy Bee Educare : In the process of re-registration
Busy Bee Educare Centre
Busy Bees Day Care Centre
Busy Bees Pr-Primary and Day Care : In the process of re-registration
Busy Bodies Playgroup
Busy Bugs Playschool
Busy Bugz Early Childhod Development Centre
Busy Tots Educare
Butterfly Kiddies Care Centre
Buzzi Bears Pre School and Afterschool
Buzzy Beez Educare : In the process of re-registration
Bye Korf (De Doorns) : In the process of re-registration
Cabrierre Creche (Fairhills) : In the process of re-registration
Caleo Learning Centre
Canal Road Educare
Canterbury Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Cape Farm Montessori : In the process of re-registration
Cape Town Child Welfare Society (Liefdespoort) : In the process of re-registration
Capeicclo Arts Powered Pre-school
Capella House Pre-Primary : In the process of re-registration
Care and Share Educare
Care Bear Educare Centre
Care Bears Day Care and Educare Centre 
Care Bears Day Care and Educare Centre 
Care bears Educare
Care Bears Preschool : In the process of re-registration
Carnegie House Independent School
Carnegie House Independent School
Carney's Educare Centre Malmesbury
Carol's Day Care
Cathy's Tots
CBC ST Johns College Parklands : In the process of re-registration
Cebolethu Educare : In the process of re-registration
Cebolomzi Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Cecilia Educare Centre
Cecilia Educare Centre
Cedar Crest Nursery School
Ceder Media Sentrum
Central Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Ceres Lions Pre-Primere Skool
Chalkley Talkey Playschool
Chalkwood Home Nursery School : In the process of re-registration
Chameleon Pre-school
Chameleon Pre-school Educare
Chameleons Montessori Creche & Pre-Primary
Champions Aftercare
Changes Aftercare- Stellenbosch
Changes Aftercare-Stellenbosch
Charles and Catherine Scheepers Day Care
Chatsworth Youth Centre
Cheecky Monkeys Nursery : In the process of re-registration
Chennel Daycare
Cheri-Cheri : In the process of re-registration
Cherubs and Angels Daycare : In the process of re-registration
Cheryl's Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Child's Play
Childminders 2 Educare Centre
Children's Garden Educare Centre : In the process of re-registration
Children's Paradise
Children's World Pre-school
Childtern Farms Creche : In the process of re-registration
Chippendale Daycare Centre
Chloe's Educare : In the process of re-registration
Chook-Chook Daycare
Chris Hani Educare : In the process of re-registration
Chris Hani Educare Centre Langa
Chris Nissen Kleuterskool
Christ Community Creche
Christ Divine Educare Mitchell's Plain
Christelike Academy
Christopher Robin Pre-Primary
Church of Christ Educare
Civic Park Kleuterskool en Bewaarskool
Clever Heads Pre-Primary School
CN Nasorg Dienste
Combat Educare
Cool Kidz Day Care
Cornerstone Sonstraaltjie Kleuterskool
Cosy Corner Educare
Crayons Daycare
Creche Care
Crystal Educare
Cuddies and Care Educare Centre
Cuddley Bears
Cuddley Bears ECD
Curious Cuties Toddler Care
Curious Kids
Curro Castle
Curro Kids
D'Agen Child Care Centre
D'Cartlette Educare
Dado's Crèche
Dahlia Little Bud's Educare
Daisy Educare
Daljosafat Daycare
Dalukhanyo Pre School
Darul LLM Pre-madrassa
Darulilm Pr-Madrassa
Darum ILM Pre-madrassa
Darus Salaam Educare
Dassie Voorskoolse & Nasorg Sentrum
Davy Deer Play Centre
De Eike Creche
De Eike Naskool Sentrum
De Hoop Creche
De Hoop Day Care Centre
De Kleine Gansies
De Kleine Gansies Aftercare
De Kleine Zeekoe Speel Skool
De Meul Nasorg
De Nau Farm (Welgemoed) Atercare Centre
De Pype Creche
De Rust Educational Centre
De Tuin Bewaarskool
De Tuinen Afterschool
De Vlei Creche
De Wetshof
Delft Day Care Centre
Delheim Creche
Dengan Daycare
Dennegeur After school care
Dennegeur Creche
Dennekruin After School Centre
Dennekruin Creche
Dennekruin Naskool Sentrum
Dennepitjies Creche Elim
Deon Adams
Dezi Tubbies
Diakonia Bewaarskool
Did's Educare
Diddle Daddle
Die Ark Speelgroep
Die Byekorf Gemeenskap Sentrum
Die Eike After School Centre
Die Eike Creche
Die Heuwel Speelskool
Die Huis Van Gebed Speelgroep
Die Kindersvriend Creche
Die Kleinspan Pre-Primere Skool
Die Ligdraertjie Dagsorg
Die Rakkertjies
Diepkloof Creche
Diepkloof Voorskool
Dinkies Daycare
Disa Park Pre-School
Disneyland Aftercare
Disneyland Aftercare Centre
Disneyland Creche
Disneyland Educare Centre
Divine Kids
Dolfyntjie Dagsorg
Dolfyntjies Bewaarskool
Dolfyntjies Kleuter en Speelskool
Dolfyntjies Kleuterskool
Dolfyntjies Pre-school
Dolphin Beach Playgroup
Dolphin Child Development Centre
Dolphin Educare
Don Bosco
Donald Duck
Donkerbos Nasorg Sentrum
Dorkas Gesinsorg Instituut
Dove Cottage Playschool
Dove Road Children Centre
Dragonfly Daycare Centre
Drakenstein Bewaarskool
Drie Beertjie Creche Durbanville
Droomland Educare Centre
Druiwetrossie After School Care Centre
Druiwetrossie Daycare
Druiwetrossie Educare
Ducktails Daycare Centre
Ducktails Pre-Primary
Duimpie Kleuterskool
Dural Hikma Educare
Dweergientuin Day Care
Dwergiebos Pre-primary school
Dysseldorp Community Aftercare Centre
Eagle's Nest After Care
Eagle's Nest daycare nest
Eagle's Nest Educare
Eagles Nest Aftercare Centre
Early Learning Educare
Early Years Service
Ebbtide Educare Centre
Ebenezer Creche
Ebenezer Educare
Ebenezer Educare Center
Ebenezer pre-school
Ebulumko Pre-school
ECD CEF Family Centre
Eden Montessori
Edgemead Pre-primary School Association AAC
Edgemead Pre-primary School Association DWC
Edu Baby Care Centre
Edu-Kids Educare
Eekhorinkies Kleuterskool
Efese Klein Pikkewyntjie Dagsorg
Eikevlei Gemeenskapstrust Bewaarskool
El Elone Blommeland
Elakhanyeni Daycare
Elim Creche
Elim Creche
Elizani Voorskoolse Sentrum
Elkana Childcare
Elkana Creche
Elsies Little Monsters Daycare
Elsies River Care Centre
Elukhanyeni Children's Day Care Centre
Elukhanyweni Educare
Eluthandweni Educare
Eluxolo Day Care Centre
Eluxolweni Creche
Eluxolweni Educare Centre
Embrencia's Educare
Emmanuel Creche
Emmanuel Educare
Emmanuel Educare Creche
Emvelwano Day Care
Emyezweni Nomfaneleko Educare
Engelbewaarder Bewaarskool
Enkosi Educare Centre
Enkuthazweni Educare
Enozipho Daycare Centre
Erasmus Sunshine Day Care
Erica's Daycare Centre
Esihle Community Educare Centre
Esperanto After school Care
Esperanto Creche
Esperense Creche
Esselenpark daycare centre
Esterhof Kleuterskool
ET Daycare
Etafeni After School Care
Etafeni Day Care Centre
Ethembeni Day Care Centre
Ethembeni Educare
Ethembeni Pre School
Eulalie Stott Creche
Eurecka Creche
Eureka Educare Centre
Eve's Shoe Educare & After Care Centre
Evies Baby Educare
Excelsior Bewaarskool
Exclusive Ambassadors Educare
Explore and Discover Playschool
Eyethu Day Care Centre
Eyethu Educare
Eyethu Educare Langa
Eyona Educare Centre
Ezinkwenkwezini Educare
Fairhills Creche
Fairhills Kleinbegin Aftercare Centre
Fairview Creche
Fairy Tales Educare Centre
Fairyland 2
Fairyland 2 Educare
Faith Educare
Faith Educare
Faith Educare
Family Tree Leadership Academy
Farthing Wood Nursery School
FDSA Velddrift Dassies Nasorgsentrum
Feetjieland Bewaarskool
Feetjieland Bewaarskool
FeetjieLand Creche
Feetjieland Day Care Centre
Feetjieland Kleuterskool
Feetjieland Nasorg (Molenrivier)
Feetjieland Nasorg (Parys)
Feetjieland Speelgroep
Femnet Monica Grove Voorskoolse Sentrum
Fern Kids ECD
Fernhill Academic Centre
Fezeka Educare
Fiedeldiedel Playschool
Fiela Vlooi
Fifth Avenue Daycare
Filadelfia Daycare
First Light First Steps Educare Centre
First Step Educare
First Step Educare
First Steps Educare
Flamingo Educare Centre
Fledglings Airforce Base Ysterplaat Educare Centre
Fledglings Educational Playground
Flinke Pikkewyntjies
Flinkies Dinkies Dagsorgsentrum
Flower Valley Learning Centre
Flukse Voetjies Day Care
Flukse Voetjies Educare Centre
Founder Educare
Fountain of light Educare
Four Jays Daycare Centre
Fraai Viooltjies Play School/ Creche
Francis House Educational Playschool
Free Spirit Aftercare
Freimersheim Creche
Friendly Faces
Friendly Frog School
Fun 4 Friends
Fun in the Sun Christian Pre-school
Fundamentals Daycare Centre
Fundani - Nathi Educare
Fundani Nathi
Funinfundo Educare
Future Kids Educare
Future Kids Educare Centre
Future Stars Day Care Centre
Fuzzy's daycare centre
Gamka Kalantjies
Gateway Children's Centre
Gcobani Educare Centre
GECO Resource & After-School Care Program
Gege's Creche
Genadendal Educare
Genesis Educare
George Preprimary School
Gerard's Educare
Gerties Creche
Ghoempie Kleuterskool
Glimlaggies Dagsorg
Glinster Ogies Kleuterskool
God's Little Angels Home and Pre-School
Goedgedink Creche
Goggabie Day Care Centre
Golden Honey's Educare
Golden Valley Creche
Goldilocks Daycare (Nduli/Ceres)
Goldilocks Kleuterskool
Good Hope Play Centre
Goodwood Park Bewaarskool
Gouda Educare
Gouda Leerondersteunings Afterschool Care Centre
Goue Vlokkies
Gouesonstraaltjies Educare
Graaff Hall: Centre of Excellence Afterschool Care
Graafwater Nasorgsentrum
Graceland Educare
Graceland Pre-School
Graham Beck Trust Care Centre and Aftercare
Grassy Park Nursery School
Gratitiude Catholic Pre-Primary
Graymead Day Care Centre
Green Curtains Educare Centre
Green Pastures Educare
Green Village Educare
Greenacres Pre-Primary School
Greenfields Daycare
Greenhill Educare Centre
Gregorian Creche
Greyton Kleuterskool
Groenie Die Drakie Creche
Haarlem Speelgroep
Haas Das Daycare
Haasbekkie Creche
Haasbekkies Kleuterskool
Hakuna Matata Daycare
Halla's Day Care Centre
Hangberg Pre-Primary School
Hannelies Small Care Daycare Centre
Hannie Daycare
Hanover Park Daycare
Hansal and Gretal
Hansie & Grietjie Bewaarskool
Hansie en Grietjie Speelskool
Hansies en Grietjie Kleuterklub
Happy Angels Educare
Happy Bears Playschool
Happy Days Speelgroep
Happy Faces After School Care Centre, Langrivier
Happy Faces After School Care Wydekloof
Happy Faces After School Care, De Meul
Happy Faces Daycare Centre (Wydekloof)
Happy Faces Daycare Centre - Langrivier
Happy Faces De Meul
Happy Faces Educare
Happy Feet Creche
Happy Hearts Child and Aftercare
Happy Kids Kindergarden
Happy Pikinis Educare
Happy Toddlers Educare Centre
Happy Todds Creche
Happy Tots Pre-school
Happy Valley Day Care
Happy Valley Daycare Centre
Harfield Early Learning Centre
Harry Molteno Day Care Centre
Hasie Kalbassie Play School
Hassieland Speelskool
Haute Cabriere After-School Care Centre
Haute Cabriere Educational Centre
Heartland Kids & Company
Heathfield Madrasah Educare
Heathfield Pre-School
Heidi & Peter Pre-school Centre
Heidi's House Educational Playschool
Heidie Kleuterskool
Heidieland Kleuterskool
Heini Prins Daycare Centre
Heirs and Graces
Helderfontein Creche
Helderland Day Care
Hello Kitty Educare Centre
Helping Hands Community Educare
Hemel & Aarde Valley Pre-School
Herbergie Bewaarskool
Hermanus Private Pre-and Primary School
Hermes After School Care
High Cloud Pre-School
High Five Nursery School
High Hopes Educare
Hilder Stent Creche
Hill Top Educare
Hip Hop Paddatjies
His Kids Educare Centre
HM Beets Daycare Centre (BADISA)
Holland Early Learning Centre
Hollywood Day Care Centre
Holy Cross Creche
Holy Cross Educare
Holy Cross Educare
Holy Cross Educare, Belhar
Home of Love Day Care
Hompie Kedompie
Honey Bears
Honey Bee Day Care
Honey Pot Daycare
Honeybees Playschool
Honeycomb Montessori Pre-School
Hoopland Onderrig en Ontwikkeling Sentrum
Hope ECD
Hope for the Children Educare Centre
Hope Forever Educare
Hope of Africa Junior Christian College Pre-primary
Hope of African Daycare Centre
Hopland Daycare
Hopscotch Educare
House of Israel Educare
Houverby Nasorg Sentrum
Hug-a-Bugs Nursery School
Huis Betanie
Huis Mindis Creche
Huis van Heerde ECD Creche
Humble Beginnings Educare
Humpty Dumpty Day Care
Humpty Dumpty Day Care
Humpty Dumpty Day Care Centre
Humpty Dumpty Day Care Centre
Hundred Acre Wood
Huppel & Knibbel Creche
Huppelkind Speelskool
Husami Educare Centre
Hyacinth Educare
Idlewind Creche (Satellite Medoc Creche)
Ikamva Educare
Ikamva Lethu Educare
Ikamva Lethu Pre-School
Ikamva Youth Centre: After School Care
Ikamvalethu After School Care
Ikamvalethu Pre-School
Ikhaya Labantwana Creche Fish Hoek
Ikhaya Labantwana Pre-School
Ikhaya Le Themba After School Care Centre
Ikhaya Pre-Primary School
Ikhayalabantwana Daycare
Ikhayalabantwana Educare
Ikhwezi Educare Centre
Ikwezi Educare Centre
Ikwezi Educare Centre
Ikwezi Lokusa Educare
Ikwezi Lokusa Educare
Iligelethu Educare Centre
Iliso Educare
Ilitha Educare
Ilitha Homebase Educare
Imbalie Aftercare Centre
Imizamo Yethu Creche
Imizamo Yethu Educare
Imizamo Yethu Educare Centre Lower Cross Roads
Imizamoyenu Educare
Immanuel Centre
Inam Educare Centre
Indawo Educare Centre
Indlovo Educare
Indy Sana Educare
Inga Educare Centre
Inkcubeko Educare Centre
Inkwenkwezi Educare
Inkwenkwezi Home Based Care
Institute of Islamic Shariah Studies
Intyantyambo Educare
Inzame Zethu Educare Gugulethu
Inzamezethu Educare
Iphuphalam Educare
IQRAA Educare Centre
Irene Creche
Isibane Sempumelelo Educare
Isibane Sethu Enrichment Centre
Isiseko Educare Centre
Ithemba Pre-Primary School
Ithemba Pre-School Capricorn
Ithembani Educare Centre
Ithubalethu Educare
Ivan Sedgewick Aftercare
Ivy Nyovane Educare Centre
J&H Creche
J's Kids Day Care Centre
J's Kids Day Care Centre
J's Kids Day Care Centre
Jabulani Kunje Daycare
Jabulanoi Daycare
Jack & Jill After School Care Centre
Jack & Jill Creche
Jack & Jill Day Care
Jack and Jill After Educare Centre
Jacob's ladder Pre-School and Aftercare
Jadine's Day Care
Jakkerland Speelkring
Jangroentjies speelskool
Jelly Beanz Baby Care
Jembekkies Daycare
Jenny's Daycare
Jenny's Daycare Centre
Jesse Keet Creche
Jewish Montessori Pre-School-Chabad
Jingle Bells
Jireh Educare
Jitterbugz Pre-School
Jo's School
Jo-Dolphin Swartland (JDSAPD)
Joey's Babies
John Stroebel Educare Centre
Joined Community Project
Jollie Patrollie Speelskooltjie
Jolly Jammers Aftercare
Jolly Juniors
Jolly Kids Day Care
Jolly Tots Playschool
Josafat Kleuterskool Creche
Joubertskloof Creche Welgemeend
Joy Educare Centre
Joy Zone
Jubelland After Care Centre
Jubelland Day Care Centre
Jubilee Montessori Academy
Jumpstart Educare
Jumpstart Pre-school and Educare
Junior Akademie
Junior Junction Pre-School
Junitec Creche
Just For Kids After School Centre
Justin Road Creche
Kaaimansgat Creche
Kaalvoet Educare
Kabouterland Daycare Centre
Kabouterland Educare
Kabouterland Pre-primary
Kabouternessie Creche
Kabouterplaas After Care Centre
Kabouterplaas Kleuterskool en Dagsorg
Kabouterplaas Senior Kleuterskool
Kaboutertjieland Bewaarskool
Kaboutertjieland Creche
Kammakampus Playschool
Kammaland Creche
Kammaland Kleuterskool
Kammaland Nursery School
Kammaland Versorgingsoord
Kamva Educare
Kango Nessie Creche
Kapteintjies Daycare
Karalie Karool Speelgroep
Karel Kraai Skool
Karlien en Kandas
Karmenaadjie Voor Skoolse Speelgroep
Kathy's Educare
Katiti Aftercare
Katryntjie Voorskoolse Sentrum
Katterjakkertjies Creche
Kay-Dee Educare
Keisie Daycare Centre
Kekkel en Kraai Creche
Kekkel en Kraai Creche
Keurboom Nursery School
Kewtown Kiddies College
Khanya Daycare Centre
Khanya Educare
Khanyisa Creche
Khanyisa Creche
Khanyisa Creche
Khanyisa Daycare Centre
Khanyisa Educare
Khanyisa Educare Centre
Khanyisa Educare Centre
Khanyisa Educare Centre
Khanyisa Educare Centre
Khanyisa Nursery School
Khanyo Educare Centre
Khaya Kiddies Campus and Baby Hotel
Khayelitsha Christian Academy
Khazimla Day Care
Khethokuhle Educare
Khula Educare Centre
Khulangolwazi Educare Centre
Khulani Daycare Centre
Khulani Educare
Khulani Educare
Khulani Educare Centre
Khulani Educare Philippi Gatesville
Khulani Educare Philippi Gatesville
Khululeka Educare Centre
Khuseleka Educare
Kibbutz El Shammah/ Gloryland Creche
Kid's Acedemy Somerset West
Kidd Buzz Educare
Kiddies Care and After Care
Kiddies College Pre- School
Kiddies Educare
Kiddies Educare Centre
Kiddies Garden Playschool
Kiddies Paradise
Kiddies Paradise at St James
Kiddies Paradise Daycare
Kiddies Paradise Nursery School
Kiddies Planet Educare Centre
Kiddies University
Kiddo Play Group
Kiddylicious Early Learning Centre
Kideo Kids Educare
Kideo Kids Educare
Kideo Kids Educare
Kideo Kids Educare
Kido Kids Day Care Centre
Kids & Company Pre-school and Aftercare
Kids @ Home
Kids at the centre
Kids College
Kids Cottage Educare
Kids Daycare
Kids Kingdom Creche & Preschool
Kids Kingdom Preschool Centre
Kids on the Block
Kids Only Daycare
Kids Republic Playschool
Kids' Academy Somerset West
Kidscan Afterschool Care & Learning Centre
Kidz Academy
Kidz Discovery Bridging Brightstart School
Kidz Kazoo Daycare
Kietie Kat Playgroup
Kinder Ark
Kinder Ark Val De Vie
Kinder Kollege
Kinderland After Care Centre
Kinderland Kleuterskool
Kindervallei Kleuterskool
King's Kids
Kingdom Kidz
Kings and Queens Educare
Kings Christian Playschool
Kingsway College
Kla Kousies
Klaarfontein Creche
Klaasvoogds Daycare Centre
Klanke Kalanke Speelgroepie
Klein Begin Educare Centre
Klein Kleutertuin
Klein Krappies Dagsorg
Klein Paradys Nasorg
Klein Skilpadland
Klein Tygerdal Pre-Primary and Aftercare Centre
Klein Voetjies Play School
Kleinbegin Bewaarskool
Kleinbegin Kleuterskool
Kleine Diamantjies Creche
Kleine Einstein Creche
Kleine Einstein Creche 2
Kleine Handjies
Kleine Juweeltjie Creche
Kleine Kalbassies
Kleine Klitsies
Kleine Panorama Centre
Kleine Pikkewyne Creche
Kleingetrein Daycare Centre
Kleinkrantz Creche
Kleuter Akademie
Kleuterkampus Creche
Kleuterland Creche
Kleuterland Daycare and Aftercare
Kleuterskool Akkerdoppies
Klikbekkies Kleutersentrum
Klingeling Educare Centre
Klipheuwel Kleuterskool
Klippieland Bewaarskool - De Keur
Klippieland Creche - Rocklands
Klippieland Nasorg - De Keur
Klouter & Klim Dagsorg Vredenburg
Klouter Kabouter Creche
Klouter Kabouters
Klouter Wouter Kleuterskool
Klouterwoud Speelskool
Koelfontein Creche
Koelfontein Nasorg
Koningskinders Dagsorg Sentrum
Koningsrivier Daycare
Kosbare Juweeltjies
Krafty Tots
Kranshoek Kleuterskool
Kribbel en Krabbel
Krielies Kleuterskool
Kromfontein Nasorg Sentrum
Kukhanyile Educare
Kunterbunt Kids Kindergarten Daycare Centre
Kurland Educare
Kuyakhanya Educare
Kuyasa After School Care
Kuyasa Educare Centre Khayelitsha
Kwa Zondi Educare
Kwa-Nolufefe Educare
Kwakhanya After School Centre
Kwakhanya Creche
Kwanda Educare
Kwela-Kwela Educare Centre
Kylemore Creche
L.A. Tiny Tots Educare
La Gratitude Pre-primary School
La Rochelle Pre-primary School
Laaities & Ladies Kleuterskool
Lady Bird Educare Centre
Lady Buxton Centre
Laggiesland Kleuterskool
Lambertsbaai Nasorgsentrum
Lammeroes Project Creche
Landulwazi Educare Centre
Langa Moravian Nursery School
Langabuya Educare Centre
Langebaanweg After School Club
Laning Liefies
Lankwits Luther Angel Faces Pre-school
Lapland Bewaarskool
Lapland Day Care
Lathi-Tha Daycare
Lawaai Camp Educare
Learn and Grow Educare
Leatitia Snyman Creche
Lecedi Educare Centre
Leer en Probeer
Leer en Probeer Aftercare
Leer en Probeer Creche
Leeufontein After School Care
Legos Day Care
Lehlohonolo Pre-school
Lekkerbekkies Nasorg
Lekkerbly Playschool
Lemoenland Educare
Lemoentjie Educare
Leonie se Speelkring
Leonsdale Educare Centre
Leopont Bewaarskool
Lethamba Aftercare
Lethu's Educare
Letterland Educare Centre
Lewis Group ECD
Lief en Lekker aftercare centre
Liewe Heksie
Liewe Heksie Playschool
Liewe Hesksie Aftercare
Life Child Pre-school Educare
Life Fantastic Educare Centre
Life Fantastic Home Base Care Mbekweni
Lifestyle Christian Academy Aftercare Centre
Lifestyle Christian Academy Creche
Lighthouse Educare
Lighuis Kleuterskool
Ligstraaltjie Creche
Ligstraaltjies Kleuterskool
Lihle Small Kids Creche
Likamoso Educare
Likhoni Langa Care Centre
Lil Angels Daycare Centre
Lilitha Educare
Lilliput Pre-Primary School
Lillyput Creche
Linda's Little People Aftercare
Lindeshof Nasorg
Linge Lom Afrika
Lingelihe Care Centre
Lingelihle Educare Centre
Lingomso Educare
Lion King Educare
Liqaqambile Educare Centre
Lisa Educare
Lithalethu Educare Centre
Lithemba Day Care
Little Adventures Educare
Little Angels
Little Angels 2 Educare Centre
Little Angels Daycare
Little Angels ECD
Little Angels Educare
Little Angels Educare
Little Angels Montessori
Little Bambino Educare
Little Bears Educare
Little Beginners Educare
Little Blessings Playgroup
Little Blossom Educare Centre
Little Blue Berries Daycare
Little Bright Stars
Little Bugs
Little Builders
Little Bunny's Educare
Little Camelot
Little Chicken Child Care
Little Children's Nursery
Little Daisy Educare
Little Darlings
Little Darlings Day Care Centre
Little Darlings ECD
Little Dino's Playschool
Little Dolphins
Little Doves Educare
Little Eden Angels Educare & Ac
Little Einstein Educare
Little Einsteins
Little Einsteins Daycare
Little Einsteins Educare
Little Farm Pre-school and After School Centre
Little Feet Educare Centre
Little Feet Play School
Little Flower Educare
Little Flower Educare
Little Flower Educare
Little Flowers Educare
Little Footprints Educare
Little Genius Educare Centre
Little Giants Daycare
Little Gifts Educare
Little Green Dolphins Educare
Little Greenies Day Care Centre II
Little Haven Baby Daycare
Little Hearts Educare Centre
Little Hearts Educare Centre
Little Heights Academy
Little Heroes Daycare Centre
Little Jewels
Little Jewels Daycare
Little Lambs Christian Daycare
Little Lambs Playschool
Little Learners Childcare Centre
Little Lighthouse Daycare
Little Lighthouse Educare
Little Lillies Educare
Little Mermaid
Little Miracles Partial Care
Little Oaks
Little Oaks Creche
Little Palace Nursery School
Little Pelicans Educare
Little Penguins Educare
Little People Educare
Little People's Den Educare Centre
Little People's Guest House
Little People's Paradise
Little Piece of Heaven Educare
Little Rascals
Little Rascals Creche
Little Rascals Daycare
Little Rascals Daycare Centre
Little Rascals Educare
Little Scholars Academy
Little Sea Stars
Little Shepherd Creche
Little Soldiers Playschool
Little Sparows Daycare & Aftercare
Little Star Educare Centre
Little Star Educare Centre
Little Star Playschool
Little Star Pre Primary Educare
Little Stars
Little Stars ASC Centre
Little Stars Daycare
Little Stars Educare
Little Stars Educare
Little Stars Educare
Little Stars Educare
Little Sunbeams Creche
Little Sunbeams Daycare
Little Sunbeams Daycare
Little Sunbeams Daycare
Little Sunbeams Daycare Centre
Little Tigers Nursery School
Little World Daycare
Liwalethu Educare Centre
Lobelia Happy Tots Educare
Loerieland Kleuterskool
Lofkabouter Kenridge Kerk Speelskool
Loflaaitjies Creche
Lollypop Educare
Lombardy Creche
Look and Learn Pre School
Looney Toons
Loreto Early Learning Centre
Lost City Com. Educare
Love Corner Educare
Luberon Creche
Lucas Nbembe Educare
Lucern Creche
Lucky Point Creche
Luilekkerland Speelgroep
Lukhanyiso Educare
Lukhanyo Creche
Lukhanyo Educare
Lukhanyo Educare
Lukhanyo Educare
Lukhanyo Educare Centre
Lukhanyo Educare Centre - Khayelitsha
Lukhanyo Home Educare and Aftercare
Lullaby Daycare
Lumen Christi ECD
Lusanda Educare
Luthando Daycare
Luthando Educare
Luthando Educare Centre
Lutho Daycare Ducare
Lutzville-Wes Kleuterskool
Luyolo Pre-School
Lwandle Pre-school
Lwazi Educare
Lynedoch Early Learning
M & H Educare Centre
Macias Restis Aftercare
Madison Garden Pre-Primary
Madrassa Tul-Balaag Educare
MAJA Educare (National War Memorial Health Foundation)
Makhulu's Happy Toddlers
Malele Developmental Organisation: Happy Feet Toddlers and After School Care
Malibu Village Educare Centre and Aftercare
Mama Mia Pre-school
Mama's Educare
Mamgcina Educare Centre
Mamzana After Care Centre
Manata Educare
Mandalay Educare
Mandaryn Education Centre
Mandela Park Community Educare
Mandy's Play Pen
Manenberg Moravian Crèche
Maranatha Kleuterskool
Maria's Hi 5 Nursery School
Marion Institute
Marion Institute Educare Centre
Marius Fransman Dagsorgsentrum
Maroof Educare
Maroro Educare
Martha's Educare Centre
Masakane Dagsorg Sentrum
Masakhane Educare
Masakhane Educare
Masakhane Educare Centre
Masakhane Educare Centre: Kraaifontein
Masakhane Grassroots Educare Centre
Masakhe Educare
Masakheke Creche
Masakheni Fox Educare
Masande Educare
Masibambanane Ngothando Educare & After Care Centre
Masibambane Educare
Masibambane Educare Centre
Masibonisane Educare
Masibulele Educare
Masibulele Home Educare
Masibusiswe Educare
Masifunde Creche
Masikhanye Educare Centre
Masikhule Educare
Masikhule Educare
Masikhule Educare Creche
Masikhule Pre-School
Masikhulisane Day Care & Aftercare
Masimanyane Educare
Masincedane Daycare
Masincedane Educare Centre Lower Cross Roads
Masincedisane Creche Mossel Bay
Masiphakame Educare Centre
Masiphumelele Educare
Masiqhubeke Creche
Masisebenzisane Educare Centre
Masithembane Educare
Masivuyisane Educare
Masizakhe Creche
Masizakhe Educare
Masizakhe Educare Centre
Masizakhe Educare Centre
Masizame ECD Centre
Masjidulummah daycare
Masjiedul Baghr Educare
Masjiedul Ighlaas Pre Madrassa
Masonwabe Creche
Masonwabe Educare Centre
Matjiesrivier Kleuterskool
Matrooskraal Creche
Maureen's Daycare
Mavis Aftercare Centre
Mayazi Educare Centre
Mayibongwe Educare
Mbali Educare
Mbasa Educare
Medoc Creche
Melkbosstrand Preparatory School
Melktandjies Day Care
Meridian Pinehurst Daycare Centre
Merrydale After Care
Merwida Creche
Mickey Mouse Bewaarskool
Mickey Mouse Creche
Mickey Mouse Creche
Miemies Creche
Milnerton Pre-primary School
Mina Moo Bewaarskool
Mina Moo Creche
Mina Moo Playgroup
Mini Milkwood Pre-primary
Minkie's Care Centre
Minnie's Educare
Mismo Educare Centre
Mispel Miggies
Mitchell's Plain Islamic Educare
Mizpah Educare
Mizpah Educare
Moddervoetjies Creche
Moemfie Playgroup
Mommy's Daycare
Mona's Daycare
Monte Vista Creche
Monteith Voorskoolse Sentrum
Monwabisi Educare
Monwabisi Educare Centre
Monwabisi Preschool Langa
Monwood Play Group Philippi
Moo Land Playschool
Mooigezicht (Satelite Elandia Bewaarskool)
Mooigezicht (Satelite La Daphine Bewaarskool)
Mooigezicht (Satelite Meiringshoop Bewaarskool)
Mooigezicht (Satelite Mon-Repos Bewaarskool)
Mooigezicht (Satelite Plumstead Bewaarskool)
Mooigezicht (Satelite Riviera Farm)
Mooigezicht (Satellite Arbeidsgenot Creche)
Mooigezicht Estate Creche
Mooihoek Creche
Moonwood Play Group Philippi
Morawiese Creche
Moredou (Lushof) Bewaarskool
Morester Aftercare Centre
Morester Kleuterskool
Moresterretjie Versorgingsoord
Morgenrood Creche
Moria Daycare Centre
Morning Star Educare
Morning Sun Educare
Moselle Creche
Moss Kiddos Kleuterskool en Nasorg
Moss Kiddos Kleuterskool en Nasorg
Moss Kiddos Kleuterskool en Nasorg
Moss Kiddos Preschool
Mossienes Creche
Mossienes Creche
Mostertsdrift Montesorri Pre-Primary
Mothers of Many
Mount Carmel Educare Centre
Mount Zion Educare
Mountain Lodge Creche (Satellites Jamayco & De Nonna)
Mountain Top Pre-School
Mouse House Kindergarten
Mouse House on Salisbury
Mpumelelo Educare
Msobomvu Educare Centre
Mthandeni Educare Centre
Mthawelanga Educare Centre
Mtimkhulu Smart Kids
Muisnes Kleuterskool
Mulberry Bush Pre/Playschool
Munchkins Play School
Munchkins Playgroup
Mustadafin Educare Centre
Mustadanfin Educare
My Montessori
Mzamo 1 Educare
Mzamo Educare
Mzamo Educare
Mzamomhle Educare
Mzamomhle Educare
Mzamomhle Educare Centre
Mzamomhle Educare Philippi
Mzamowethu Educare Centre
Mzamowethu Educare Centre
Mzomhle Educare Centre
Nansa Motessori Educare
Naudesia Creche
Ncebakazi Care Centre
Ncedolwesizwe Creche
Ncedolwethu Educare
Nceduluntu Baby Care
Nceduluntu Educare Centre
Nceduluntu Educare Centre
Nceduluntu Educare Centre
Nelsview Intergrated Community Project
Neltjienoet Kleuterskool & Nasorgsentrum
Neskuikentjie Creche
Net vir Pret After-School Care
New Beginnings
New Fountain Masakhani Creche
New Haven Day Care
New Rest Enrichment Centre
New Siseko Educare
New World Foundation Lavender Hill
Niel Joubert Aftercare
Nieuwe Sion Daycare & After School
Nikithemba Aftercare
Nikiwe Educare
Nirvana Creche
Nkcubeko Educare
Noah's Ark
Nobantu After School Care
Nobantu Creche and Educare
Nobantu Educare Centre
Nobantu Educare Centre
Nobubele Educare
Noddy's Educare Centre
Noel Stanton Educare No. 2
Noel Stanton No. 1 Educare Centre
Nokhanyo Educare Centre
Nokwakha Educare Centre
Nokwandisa Educare
Nokwezi Educare
Nolubabalo Pre School
Nolufefe Pre-School
Nolukhanyiso Educare Centre
Nolukhanyo Educare Centre
Nolungile Daycare Centre
Nolungile Educare
Noluthando Creche & Pre School
Noluthando Educare
Noluthando Educare
Noluthando Educare
Noluthando Educare Centre
Nolwandle Educare
Noma Babies Daycare
Noma's Baby Day Care
Nomaxabiso Centre for Children With Special Needs and Inclusive Education
Nomhle Educare Centre
Nomlinganiselo After School Centre
Nomonde 1 Educare
Nomonde 2 Educare Centre
Nomonde Creche
Nomonde Educare Centre
Nomonde Pre School
Nompumelelo Creche
Nompumelelo Educare
Nompumelelo Educare
Nompumelelo Educare
Nompumelelo Educare
Nomthandazo Educare
Nomthandazo Educare Philippi
Nomzamo Daycare Centre
Nomzamo Educare
Nomzamo Educare
Nomzamo Educare Centre
Nomzamo Educare Philippi
Nonceba Educare
Noncedo Educare
Noncedo Educare
Noncedo Educare Center
Noncedo Pre-School
Nondzame Educare
Nonkosinathi Educare
Nonkqubela Day Care Centre
Nonkqubela Home Educare
Nonkululeko Educare and After School Centre
Nontsebenziswano Educare
Nonzaliseko Educare
Nonzame Educare
Nooral Islam Educare
Noordhoek Montessorri Pre School
Noorul Islaam School
Nora Tyers Creche
Norsa Community Daycare De Doorns
Norsa Community Daycare De Doorns Aftercare Centre
Northpine Educare Centre
Norwood Early Learning Centre
Nosango Educare Centre
Nosapho Educare
Nosiseko Educare
Nosiseko Educare Centre
Nothemba Educare Centre Khayelitsha
Nowetu Educare Centre
Noxolo 1 Educare
Noxolo 2 Educare
Noxolo Creche
Nozukile Educare
Nozuko Educare
Nsansa Montessori Pre School
Nulli Secundus Creche
Nural Adfaal Nursery School
Nurturing Minds Montessori Educare
Nurul's Shams' Educare
Nutwood Forest Pre School
Nuwelewe Aftercare Centre
Nuweleweland Akademie
Nuwerus Napier After Care and Youth Care Centre
Nuwerus Paddavissies Day Care
Nyamazela Educare Centre
Nyanga Educare
Oak Valley Creche
Oempie Doempie After School Care
Okuhle Connie's Educare Centre
Oliver Tambo Educare Centre
Olona Educare Centre
Olunje Homebase Educare
On the Corner Daycare Centre
Onderplaas Creche (Fairhills)
One 2 Three 4 Montessori Based Educare Centre
Ongelegen Pre-Primary School
Ongies Day Care
Ons Nessie Creche
Ons Nessie Kleuterskool
Ons Speelnessie Day Care Centre
Onse Skool
Oogappeltjies Babasorg en Kleuterskool
Op die Plaas Speelskool
Oppi Koppie Creche
Oppie Galoppie Pre School
Oppie Koppie Dagsorg
Orange Grove
Ou Stasie Bewaarskool
Oudemuragie Pre-Primere Skool
Oudtshoorn Enrichment Centre
Ouma Lena se Huis Nasorgsentrum
Ouma Thallies
Our Hope Pre-school Day Care Centre
Our Lady of the Rosary Educare
Our Little People
Ouwerf Creche
Pacaltsdorp Creche
Paddakoor Akademia
Palm Springs Creche
Palmerston Pre-Primary
Pampoenkraal Pre-Primary
Panda Pre-Primary School
Paradesi Educare Centre
Paradiso Opvoedkundige Sentrum
Parkdene Creche
Parklands Play Planet
Parkwood Aftercare Project
Parkwood Busy Bees
Paternoster Educare Centre
Patrysberg Kleuterskool
Paula Whitney Creche
Peek-a-Boo Daycare
Peerless Park Educare
Pelikaan Bewaarskool
Peninsula Educare Centre
Peter Pan Down Syndrome Centre
Petite Pre-Primary
Phakamani Creche
Phakamani Creche
Phakamani Educare
Phaphamani Educare
Philani Educare
Philiso Educare Centre
Phuldulwazi Educare Centre
Phumelela Educare Centre
Phumlani Educare Centre
Pierewiet Creche
Pig Squeaks
Pikanini Creche Vredenburg
Pikkewyntjie Kleuterskool
Pikkewyntjies Pre-Primary School
Pikkie Dikkie Versorgingsoord
Pikkie Park Educare and Aftercare
Pikkieland Creche (Hester Hablutzel)
Pine Tree Pre-Primary
Pinelands Creche
Pinelands Montessori Preschool
Ping Pong Playschool
Pink Panther Daycare Centre
Pinkise Educare
Pinocchio Creche
Pip Squeaks Kleutersorg en nasorg
Pippies Pre-School
Pipsqueaks Playschool
Pixey Playland
Pixie Wonderland
Pixieland Pre-Primary School
Platterkloof Educare Centre
Play & Learn Educare Centre
Play School Harte Diefies
Playdale Educare
Playtime Daycare Centre
Playtime Pals Educare
Playway Pre-School
Plettenberg Pre-Primary School
Pooh Bear & Friends Educare Centre
Pooh Bear Daycare
Pooh Bear Educare
Pooh Bear Kleuterskool
Pophuis Pre-Primary Centre
Poplap Speelgroep
Poppy's Daycare
Porte Wouter Vroee Kinderontwikkeling-sentrum
Portlands Nursery
Pozies Creche
Precious Jewels Playgroup
Precious Kids Baby Care
Precious Lighthouse Educare Centre
Precious One's
Precious Tots Playgroup
Presbyterian Phumlani Educare Centre
Prettige Ponies Creche
Pride & Joy Childcare Academy
Primary School Worcester-East Afterschool Care
Protea Creche
Protea Hoogte
Puddle Duck Day Care Centre
Puddle Duck Play School
Puma Daycare
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Qaqamba Educare Khayelitsha
Qhama Educare
Qhamani Educare
Qualikids Kampus
Quite Interesting Kids Educare
Raasbekkies Creche
Raasbekkies Nasorg
Radi-kidz Playschool
Rainbow After School Care
Rainbow Child and Play Centre
Rainbow ECD Centre
Rainbow Educare
Rainbow Educare
Rainbow Educare Centre
Rainbow Educare Centre
Rainbow Kids Daycare Play Zone
Rainbow Land Junior School
Rainbow Montessori Pre-School
Rainbow Pikanninis
Rainbow Siyabathanda Educare
Rainbow Toddlers
Rainbow Valley Educare
Raindrops Daycare Centre
Raindrops ECD Centre
Raising Daisies Daycare Centre
Ravensmead Creche
Rawsonville Primary Afterschool Care
Ray's Daycare
Reaching Stars Educare
Reenboog Kleuterskool
Reenboog Kleuterskool
Reepelsteeltie Daycare Centre
Rehoboth Community Outreach Centre
Rekkies en Tekkies Akademie
Remhoogte Creche
Remhoogte Creche
Rholihlahla Umzanzi Basic Educare Centre
Riebeeckriviervallei Creche
Rietfontein Afterschool
Rietkloof Creche
Rin Tin Tin After School Care
Rin Tin Tin Playgroup
Rinkink Speelskool
Rise and Shine Afterschool Care
Rising Stars Educare
Riverlands Survivor Creche
Riverside College Educare and Aftercare
Riviersonderend After School Care Centre
Robinhood Creche Cum Pre-School
Rompel Stompel Playschool
Ron's Educare
Rooikappie Pre-School
Rora Bewaarskool (Babelbekkies)
Rosa's Daycare Centre
Rosemoor Creche
Rosie Land Educare
Rosies Angels Playground Educare
Rotary Haven Creche
Rotary Pre-School
Rowey Farms Creche
Ruimsig Creche
Rustenhof Creche
Ruth First After Care
Ruth First Educare
Saartjie Voorskool Sentrum
Sacred Heart Kleuterskool en Nasorg
Safraa Educare
Sakhikamva ECD Centre
Sakhile Educare Centre
Sakhingomso Creche
Sakhingomso Educare
Sakhuluntu Educare
Sakhumzi Educare
Saloetie Preschool
Salvation Army Care Haven
Sam's Educare
Samora Machel Educare
Samuel Creche
Sandanezwe Educare
Sandkasteel Kleuterskool
Sandra's Daycare
Sandrivier Landgoed Daycare
Sandveld Sonstraaltjies Educare and Aftercare Centre
Sandvoetjies Nasorgsentrum (Badisa)
Sanlucar Day and Aftercare
Santa Creche
Scallywags After Care
Scorpio Road Creche
Sean J Kelly Creche for the Disabled
Seawind Educare
Seemeeu Bewaarskool Die Prinsipaal
Seeskulpie Kleuterskool
Seesterretjie Creche
Sensori Speelskool
Seven Passes Initiative
Shalom Family Ministeries Aftercare
Shereen's Montessori
Shiloh Day Care
Shura Ighlaas Educare
Shuttle Kidz Endeavour Educare
Sibabalwe Creche
Sibanye Educare Centre Harare Khayelitsha
Sibongumusa ECD Centre
Siddique Junior Madressa Educare
Siembamba Creche
Siembamba Daycare
Siembamba Daycare
Sikhuseleni Educare Khayelitsha
Sikhuthale Day Care
Silvertown Educare Centre
Silvertree Educare
Silwerstraaltjie Kleuterskool
Silwerstroom Creche
Simanye Educare Centre
Simni Creche
Simunye Educare
Sinai Academy Montesorri Pre-School
Sinako Educare
Sinalo Home Base
Sinamkele Educare Centre
Sinethemba Aftercare
Sinethemba Educare
Sinethemba Educare Wallacedene
Sinethemba Pre-School
Sing Along Sandy Educare
Sing For Africa
Singatha Educare Centre
Sinobomi Educare Centre
Sinobuntu Daycare Centre
Sinoxolo Educare Centre
Sionsberg Jubilee Kleuterskool / Pre-School
Siphamandla Educare Centre
Siphamandla Pre-Primary School
Siphucule Creche
Siphuhlise Educare
Siphumeze Educare Centre
Siqalo Educare
Siseko Educare Centre
Siseko Pre-School
Sisiphiwo Educare
Sisonke Educare
Sitrusblaartjie Creche and Educare
Sivukile Educare Centre
Sivunyiwe Ikwezi Educare
Sivuyile Creche
Sivuyile Nurrudin Educare
Siyabulela Pre-School Centre
Siyafunda Educare Centre
Siyahluma Educare
Siyakha Community Educare & Enrichment Centre
Siyakha Daycare Centre
Siyakha Educare
Siyakha Educare Centre
Siyakhanya Educare
Siyakhanyisa Educare Centre
Siyakhula Creche
Siyakhula Creche
Siyakhula Daycare
Siyakhulisa Educare
Siyakhulisa Educare Centre
Siyakhutaza Aftershool Care Centre
Siyanamkela Educare Centre
Siyanda Educare Centre
Siyanda Homebase Educare
Siyavuya Creche
Siyavuya Nurrudin Educare
Siyaya Educare
Siyazama Creche
Siyazama Creche
Siyazama Educare Centre
Siyazama Pre-School (Milnerton)
Siyazingca Creche
Siyazingisa After School Care
Siyazingisa Creche
Siyolise Daycare
Sizabantu Educare Centre Maccassar Khayelitsha
Sizamile Creche
Sizisa Ukhanyo Educare 1
Sizisa Ukhanyo Educare 2
Sizisa Ukhanyo Educare 3
Siziwe Educare
Skoenlappertjie Dagsorg
Skoenlappertjies Daycare
Skulpieland After Care Centre
Skulpieland Day Care Centre
Small Starts Educare Centre
Small Steps
Smart Brain Academy
Smart Kidz Educare
Smart Start Playgroup
Smaties Pre-School
Smiling Faces
Smurfies Early Childhood Development Centre
Smurfies Kleuterskool
Smuts Broers Agri Lucerne Creche
Snippie Snuiterjie
Snow White Educare
Snuiters Daycare
Sobambisana Educare
Soetsit Bewaarskool (Bronaar Farm)
Solomon Mahlangu Educare Centre
Someleze Educare
Somlanndela Pre-School
Songololo Voorskool
Sonlia Daycare
Sonneblom Creche
Sonneblom Kleuterskool
Sonneblomland Creche
Sonneblomland Dagsorg
Sonskyn Buddies
Sonskyn Creche
Sonskyn Dagsorg
Sonskyn Daycare
Sonskyn Daycare
Sonskyn Kleuterskool Langebaan
Sonskyn Speelkring
Sonskynvallei Creche
Sonstraal Hoekie
Sonstraal Kleuter Akademie
Sonstraal Kleuterskool
Sonstraal Nasorg
Sonstraal Speelgroep
Sonstraaltjie Bewaarskool
Sonstraaltjie Creche
Sonstraaltjie Daycare
Sonstraaltjies Creche
Sonwabile Creche
Sonwabile Educare and Aftercare
Sonwabile Educare Centre
Sonya's Educare Centre
Sophumelela Educare
Sophumelela Educare
Sophumelela Educare Centre
SOS Kindergarden
South Hops F2 Creche
Soyisile Educare Centre
Sparkle Educare
Sparkles Educare
Speel en Leer
Speelgroep WNPS
Speelkring Inclusive Pre-Primary Day and Aftercare Centre
Speelland Creche
Spine Educare Centre
Splendid Kids De Tyger Educare Centre
Spoelklippies Creche
Spongebob Daycare
Sporty Bears Daycare
Springwood Educare
Sprokiesland Creche
Square Hill Nursery School
Squashy's Kidz Aftercare
St Anthony's Educare
St Blaize Creche
St Cyprian's Pre-School
St Elizabeth Avontuur Nasorg
St Elizabeth Educare Centre
St Elizabeth Pre-Primer
St Francis Educare Centre
St Francis Educare Khayelitsha
St Johns Pre Primary Cum Creche
St Johns Pre-Primary School
St Josephs Nursery
St Konrad Kleuterskool
St Luigi Scrosoppi Sorgsentrum
St Martin Wielie Walie Pre-School
St Martini Pre-primary school
St Mary Magdalene Educare
St Patricks Magdaleentjie Kinder Garden
St Raphael Pre School Centre
St Stephen's Early Learning Centre
St Theresa's After School Care project
Steenvliet Aftercare & Touwsriver Primary Aftercare
Steenvliet Creche
Steggies Kleuterskool
Stellenbosch Islamic Kindergarten
Stellenbosch Montessori Pre School
Stellenryk Daycare Centre
Step by Step daycare
Step by Step Educare
Stepping Stone Daycare Centre
Stepping Stone Montessori Pre-school
Stepping Stones Educare
Stepping Stones Playschool
Stepping Stones Pre-primary
Stepping Stones Pre-Primary
Sterreland Kleuterskool
Sterreliggieland Kleuterskool
Stoute Kabouters Day Care Centre
Strandfontein Educare
Strandlopertjie Bewaarskool
Strandlopertjie Educare Centre
Strawberry Creche
Struisies Day Care
Stucki Playschool
Sugar & Spice Daycare Centre
Sugar and Spice
Sugar Plum Day Care Centre
Suidpunt Voetjies
Sun Shine Daycare Centre
Sunbeam Creche
Sunbeam Creche & Nursery School
Sunbeams Creche
Sunbeams Educare & Aftercare
Sunbeams Playgroup
Suncrest Education Centre
Sunflower Educare
Sunny Haven Educare Centre
Sunnydale Daycare
Sunnyside Community Creche
Sunnyside Day Care Centre
Sunrise Daycare
Sunrise Educare
Sunrise Educare Centre
Sunshine Creche
Sunshine Daycare
Sunshine Daycare
Survivor Creche
Sussies Daycare Centre
Swaeltjieland Kleuterskool
Sweet Fairy Daycare
Swellies Nasorg
Tafelronde ACVV Creche
Takkap Daycare
Tanna's Educare Centre
Tayyabah Toddlers College Educare
Teddy Bears
Teddy's Daycare
Teen Zone
Teeny Tots Playschool
Tehillah Christian Daycare
Teletubbies Creche
Teletubbies Daycare
Teletubbies Educare
Teletubbies Educare Centre
Teletubbies Playgroup
Teletubbies Playschool
Teletubbies Speelgroep
Tender Loving Care ECD Centre
Thabong Day Care
Thanda Abantu Nursery School
Thandabantu Educare
Thandiwe Home Care
Thanduxolo Daycare
Thantaswa Educare Centre
The Barnyard Stellenbosch
The Children's Studio Montessori Pre-School
The Circle of Life Educare
The Crest Daycare
The French Nursary School
The French School
The Friends Pre-Primary
The Kensington Educare Centre
The Kings Castel Day Centre
The Kusasa Project Early Learning Centre
The Lammeroes Project
The Learning Tree Educare & After School Care
The Little Faith's Educare Centre
The Little Fellowship
The Little Lighthouse School
The Little Lighthouse School
The Rescuers Daycare
The Salvation Army Bonteheuwel Nursery School
The Salvation Army Goodwill Centre
The Trees Daycare
The Unique Playschool
The Unique Playschool : Baby & Toddler Care
The Village Educare Centre & Pre-Primary School
Theewaterskloof Creche
Thembani Village Educare Thembani Khayelitsha
Thembeka Educare
Thembela Educare
Thembikosi Daycare Centre
Theodora Creche
Thozama Educare Centre
Thubelitsha Educare Centre
Thuthuzela Educare Centre
Tick Tock Tubbies Creche
Tiekelieks Creche
Tierstel Creche (Fairhills)
Tikkel Tokkel Kleuterskool
Timmy Tots Educare
Tinee Tots Day Care Centre
Tinkerbell Educare Pre-Primary and Aftarcare
Tinkie Winkie Creche
Tiny Bubbles Educare Centre
Tiny Feet Daycare Centre
Tiny Jumping Dolphin Educare
Tiny Todd's Daycare
Tiny Tots After School Care
Tiny Tots Creche
Tiny Tots Dagsorg
Tiny Tots Educare Centre
Tiny Tots Educare Ocean View
Tiny Tots Preschool and Daycare
Tiny Treasures Educare
Tiny Tubbies Educare
Tiny Tubbies Educare
Tip Toe Educare
TLC Babies & Tots
Toa Toa Creche
Toddler's Den
Toddlers Day Care
Toddlers Daycare
Toddlers Inn Creche
Toddlers Playgroup
TOM Educare
Tomorrowland Educare Centre
Touching Hearts Educare
Touwsriver Aftercare Centre 2
Touwsrivier Creche
Touwtjieland Creche ACVV
Toys and Tots Playschool
Trappies Dagsorg Sentrum
Trawal Bewaarskool
Trinity Children's Centre
Trippe Trappe Kleuterskool
Trippel Toontjies
Tripple Toontjies
Trompie Bewaarskool
Trudies Day Care Centre
Trudy Conradie After Care Centre
Trudy Conradie Creche
Tshatis Educare
Tulbagh Kinderversorgingsoord
Tulpieland Dagsorg
Tweenies Daycare Playgroups
Tweety Speel en Stimulasiegroep
Twinkle Little Star Educare
Twinkle Little Star Educare and Aftercare
Twinkle Partial Care Caledon Casino and Hotel
TwinkleStar Educare
Two Fish Creche
Tygerberg Kids
Ubukhobakhe Educare Centre
Ubunthu Creche
Ubunthu Educare
UCT Educare Centre
UJW Kensington
Ukwanda Pre-School
Uluntu Educare
Uluntu Educare Centre
Ulutho Aftercare
Ulwazi Educare Centre No 2
Ulwazi Nr1 Educare Centre
Umingonaphakade 2 Educare Centre
Umnqophiso Pre-primary After School Care
Umtha'welanga Educare
Umzi Educare
Umzomhle Educare
Unakho Daycare Centre for the Differently Abled
Understanding Hope and Care Educare
United Educare
United Play Centre
Unity Day Care Centre
Unity Educare
Ursula's Daycare Centre
Usindiso Educare
Uvoyolwethu Educare
Uyesu Unathi Educare
Vakuhambe Association for the Multi Disabled
Val's Educare
Val's Educare
Valhalla Park Educare Centre
Valhalla Park Educare Centre
Valley Pre-Primary
Vanessa Daycare Centre
VDP Green Curtains Pre-School
VDP Masakhane Educare Ocean View
Vela Methodist Creche
Vendutiekraal Creche
Vicky's Creche
Victoria Mxenge Educare
Victory Educare
Vide Bebe Creche
Villa Maria Educare Centre
Villa's Tiny Todds Educare
Village Tods Educare Centre
Villiera Creche
Villiersdorp Play School
Vinderland Creche
Vinola Park Trust
Vision Kidz.Com
Vlaeberg Daycare Centre
Vlinderland Creche
Vlindertjies Daycare
Vlytige Volstruisies Playground
Voetspoortjies Dag en Nasorgsentrum
Voorskoolse Sentrum Hoerskool Ladismith
Voorstekraal Educare Centre
Vredehoek Bewaarskool
Vredelus Nasorgsentrum
Vredelust Farm Creche
Vredelust Pre-Primary
Vredendal Opvoedkundige Sentrum
Vreesniet Creche
Vreugdevoetjies / Huis van Hoop
Vrolike Gesiggies Creche
Vrolike Vinkies
Vrolike Vinkies
Vrolike Vinkies Bewaarskool
Vrolike Vinkies Bewaarskool
Vrolike Vinkies Creche
Vrolike Vinkies Creche
Vrolike Vinkies Daycare
Vrolike Vinkies Educare
Vrolike Vinkies Kleuterskool
Vrolike Vinkies Voorskoolse Opleidingsentrum
Vrolike Vlindertjies Kleuterskool
Vrolike Vlindertjies Kleuterskool
Vrugtekelkies Bewaarskool
Vrygrond Capricorn Children Centre
Vuka Ukhanye Educare
Vukile Tshwete ECD Enrichment Centre
Vukuhambe Association for the Multi Disabled
Vukukhanye After School Centre
Vukukhanye Educare
Vulindlela Educare Centre
Vulindlela Msenge Bewaarskool
Vusiswe Educare Creche
Vuzokuhle Educare Centre
Vyeboom Farm Creche
Wakkerstroom Bewaarskool
Warmbron Pre-Primary
Waters Edge Pre-Primary School
Watervliet Daycare
Watsonia Educare Centre
Wavecrest Educare Centre
Wellington After School Centre
Wellington CASA
Wellington Preparatory School
Weltervrede Creche
Weltevreden After-Care
Wesbank Educare Centre
Weskusnessie ACVV Dienstak
White City Daycare
White Dove
Wieggel-Waggel Kleuterskool
Wielie Walie Creche Elandsbaai
Wielie Walie Creche, Educare and After School Centre
Wielie Walie Nasorgsentrum
Wielie Walie Speelgroep Bitterfontein
Wiellie Wallie Versorgingsoord
Wiggel Waggel Kleuterskool
Wiggels and Giggles Daycare Centre
Willie Walie Creche, Educare and After School Centre
Willow Creek Creche
Winnie The Pooh Educare
Wippelvoetjies Speelgroep
Wippie en Snippie Nasorg
Wippie Snippie
Wippie Snippie Aftercare
Wippie Snippie Day Care
Wippie Snippie Daycare
Witteklip Dagsorg
Woelbos Aftercare
Woelbos Creche
Woelbos Creche
Woelwater Kleuterskool
Woelwaters Dagsorg
Woelwaters Kleuterskool
Woelwaters Nasorg
Woelwouters Playgroup and After School Care
Wolwedans Creche
Womb to Tomb After School Centre
Wonderland Creche Woodstock
Wonderland Day Care Centre
Wonderland Educare
Wonderland Educare Centre
Wonderland Educare Centre No 2
Wonderland Kleuterskool
Worcester - North After Care Centre
Worcester - South Day Care Centre
Worcester-Oos Aftercare
Wupperthal Moravian Creche
Wynberg Creche
Wysneus Kleuterskool
Wysneusies Creche
Yolande Educare
Yomelelani After School Care Centre
Yomelelani Pre-School
Young Inspired Kids Academy Aftercare
Young Minds
Zakhele Educare
Zama Home Based Care
Zama Zama Educare
Zamat Educare
Zamukhanyo Educare Philippi
Zamuxolo Creche
Zandi Educare
Zanethemba Kidz Haven
Zanokhanyo Community Preschool
Zanokhanyo Educare Centre
Zanokhanyo Enrichment Centre
Zanokhanyo Pre-School
Zanokhanyo T/Centre Khayelitsha
Zanolwazi Educare
Zanuxolo Educare Khayelitsha
Zenzele Creche
Zimele 1 Educare Centre
Zimele 2 Educare Centre
Zinzendorf Educare
Zisukhanyo Educare Centre
Zizamele Educare
Zizamele Educare
Zizamele Educare Centre
Zoo Zoo Land Educare
Zoo Zoo Land Educare 2
Zwelethemba Rotary Preschool