Know the Basics of "How to Do Business with Government" | Western Cape Government

Know the Basics of "How to Do Business with Government"

(Provincial Treasury, Western Cape Government)

The Provincial Treasury, being the custodian of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the provincial and local sphere of government, wishes to improve transparency in SCM by facilitating the awareness of policy, prescripts and processes.





What are the Requirements to Do Business with Government?



  • Registered with the appropriate Industry Regulatory body for your specific industry (e.g. attorney with the law society), where applicable.




How Do I Access Government Opportunities in the Western Cape?



  • Access the Government Tender Bulletin via post or internet on a weekly basis.
  • Check community and provincial newspapers.
  • Check departmental Bulletin Boards.
  • Check departmental websites.




  • Subscribe to the Electronic Purchasing System (EPSi) via Quadrem Africa.
  • Get to know your department and register on their list of preferred suppliers.




How Does the Western Cape Procure Its Goods and Services?


The Western Cape Provincial Government Procures in the following ways:


  • Petty cash.
  • Verbal or fax quotations.
  • Quotations via the EPSi.
  • Open bidding.
  • Limited bidding.
  • Urgent and emergency procurement.
  • Transversal contracts.
  • PPPs.





What is a Quotation?


A quotation is an informal offer to perform work, render a service or supply goods at a price. Request for Quotation (RFQ) is a form of procurement where processes and procedures have been relaxed in accordance with pre-determined transactional ceiling costs.




What is a Bid?


A bid, previously called a tender, is a formal offer to perform, render a service or supply goods at a price. The bidding process is a detailed, document driven process, which requires the potential supplier to complete and submit a document within a predetermined timeframe. In the Western Cape Province such an offer will be for goods and services above the value of R 500 000 as of 2 November 2009.




Tips for Completing/Submitting Your Offer



  • Read documents carefully and provide all information requested.
  • Attach all requested documentation (eg Tax Clearance Certificate).
  • Ensure that you have provided the correct price and details for your office.
  • Answer all questions truthfully, if you get caught it may disqualify your offer and lead to further action.
  • When in doubt, enquire on the information requested.
  • Ensure that you are able to meet all the requirements within the specified time and can thus honour the conditions of the contract.
  • Ensure that your offer (quotation or bid) is deposited at the closing destination before the closing time.
  • HDI supplier must ensure that they claim their preference points by completing the required documentation and attaching the necessary momentary proof.
  • Ensure that your bid document is deposited in the correct bid (tender) box.
  • Ensure that bid documents are signed on the indicated areas.
  • Be aware of "fronting" scams ("fronting" - The utilisation of HDIs for the purpose of obtaining preference points when bidding for government bids or quotations without any real empowerment of the HDI).
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