Safety on the road for Easter 2016: Checklist for your vehicle | Western Cape Government

Safety on the road for Easter 2016: Checklist for your vehicle

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

The Easter holiday is here.  At this time of the year people take the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. This might include travelling long distances.

Whether you make use of public transport or your own vehicle, safety checks are important. The driver of the vehicle can do some checks to ensure that the vehicle being used is safe for use on the road.

Checks include the following, but are not restricted to these only.

  1. Windscreen

Check for stone damage that can impair vision or distract attention. Minor chips can grow and crack. It can be repaired by a windscreen specialist.

  1. Wipers

Make sure it is not cracked or torn. A sudden downpour might be on your route.

  1. Lights

All lights need to be checked. You will need some assistance from a friend as it is not always possible to operate and inspect all lights by yourself.

  1. Tyres

Is the tread depth still in the legal limit; are there any bulges, cuts, nails or other objects in the tyre. Regular top-ups of pressure means there is already a problem. Correct pressure for the specific vehicle will be available in the owner’s manual of the vehicle or on an information sticker (at different places) on the vehicle.

  1. Toolkit/Spare tyre

This is one of the things that can easily be forgotten. Make sure all tools is present should you need to replace a flat tyre. Remember the locking nuts and tools to remove them. Check the pressure of your spare tyre.

  1. Water levels

The water levels of the engine and also for the windscreen. An additive for the windscreen reservoir can assist to clean the windscreen.

As mentioned this is not the only components on the vehicle that need to be inspected. There are also some critical components such as your shock absorbers, steering and braking components that need more in-depth inspection. This is not always easy to do yourself but a service centre can assist you to deal with these safety checks.

Having your vehicle inspected will give you the peace of mind that you can concentrate and enjoy your journey, without wondering if you will encounter a breakdown on your way due to some problem on your vehicle.

Have a great journey.

The content on this page was last updated on 13 February 2017