Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Study at Gene Louw Traffic College | Western Cape Government

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Study at Gene Louw Traffic College

(Department of Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government)

Where can I find adverts for Traffic Officer posts (jobs)?

Adverts are placed in newspapers and on the Western Cape Government website.

When can I expect new Traffic Officer posts(jobs) to be advertised?

There is no specific timeline or dates in the year that new posts are to be advertised, it is dependant on the Department (Provincial).

Can I apply at the College for the post (job) that was advertised?

No, Gene Louw Traffic College does not distribute application forms or handle any applications. The Western Cape Government uses an electronic system and does not accept faxed or posted applications.

Can anyone enrol for the Traffic Officer training course at Gene Louw Traffic College?

No, you must be employed by either a Local Authority (Municipality) or Provincial Administration. This means you need to apply for a post (job) for a Traffic Officer when it is advertised.


  1. Provincial Traffic will place an advert for Traffic Officers. You won’t need a Traffic Officer qualification to apply.
  2. The department will look at your application and CV.
  3. They will inform you if your application was successful and invite you for further recruitment processes.
  4. If you are successful after the recruitment process you will receive admission to the training for the Traffic Officer qualification.


What is the duration of my training?

Traffic Officer (TO) 12 Months
Examiner of Vehicles Three Months (12 Weeks)
Examiner for Drivers Licences Three Months (12 Weeks) depending on which grade you enrolled for.


What equipment and stationery do I bring with ?
You will be informed on the first day.

Is accommodation available at the college?
No, students must arrange their own accommodation.

Are meals available at the college?
There is a cold drink vending machine on campus but no cafeteria. There are shops close to the college where students can buy meals.


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