How to register an ECD Partial Care facility

  1. Meet with DSD Social Worker:

Before you establish an ECD Partial Care facility, you must meet with a social worker at your local Social Development Office where the following will be discussed:

  • a form 11 application form,
  • DSD registration requirements and procedures,
  • minimum norms and standards and other approvals that will be required
  • Needs Assessment Form,
  • Business plan,
  • Job description for staff,
  • Clearance certificates as per the National Child Protection Register,
  • Learning programme,
  • Menus
  • Municipal requirements which include:
  • municipal Lease/ Rental agreement,
  • Zoning Certificate,
  • Approved building plans,
  • Health Clearance Certificate,
  1. Complete the relevant forms and submit it to the DSD local office.
  2. Site visits will be conducted by the Social Worker and Environmental Health Practitioner will determine:
  • If the physical condition of the centre is satisfactory.
  • If administrative and financial systems are satisfactory.
  • If the services and programmes for the children are satisfactory
  • If norms and standards are complied with.

Once all the requirements are met, the Social Worker will issue a Registration or Conditional Registration Certificate. This certificate may be valid for up to 5 years, thereafter the same process will be followed for the Renewal of Registration of the facility.

  1. You have to re-register
  • When you move to another building or site.
  • When you make changes to the structure to accommodate more children.
  • When you sell the business or
  • When there is a change of ownership
The content on this page was last updated on 4 November 2016