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Department of Social Development Policy and Strategy Documents

(Western Cape Government)
Type of Document Year  Name of Document National/ Provincial Transversal/ DSD Specific Purpose
Strategy 2015-2020 National Social Development Strategic Plan 2015-2020 Provincial DSD Specific The purpose of this strategy is to:
• To deepen social assistance and extend the scope of the contributory social security system.
• To enhance the capabilities of communities to achieve sustainable livelihoods and household food security.
• Review and reform social welfare services and financing.
• To improve and expand ECD provision.
• To strengthen coordination, integration, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services.
Strategy 2013 City of Cape Town Social Development Strategy 2013 Provincial City of Cape Town The Social Development Strategy (SDS) articulates the role of the City of Cape Town in promoting and maximising social development. The SDS is structured around five high-level objectives. These are:
• Maximise income generating opportunities for people who are excluded or at risk of exclusion.
• Build and promote safe households and communities.
• Support the most vulnerable through enhancing access to infrastructure and services.
• Promote and foster social integration.
• Mobilise resources for social development.
Strategy 2013 Western Cape Youth Development Strategy 2013 Provincial Transversal The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework for all stakeholders to rethink and reposition their services and support to ensure a coordinated and continuous basket of services and support to meet the needs of different age cohorts of youth, different categories of youth and youth in different circumstances, especially those most in need.
Strategy 2013 A Youth Development Strategy for the Western Cape Department of Social Development 2013 Provincial DSD Specific The purpose of this strategy is to guide, inform and direct DSD youth development programming and priorities  and  to bring a strong measure of institutional and programmatic predictability.  It serves as a critical planning tool which is aimed at addressing the needs of young people of the Western Cape Province.
Strategy 2013-2017 National Drug Master Plan (NDMP) 2013-2017 National Transversal The purpose of this strategy is to:
• Ensure the coordination of efforts to reduce the demand, supply and harm caused by substances of abuse.
• Ensure the sharing of current good practices in reducing harm related to substance abuse.
• Promote national, regional and international cooperation to reduce the supply of drugs and other substances of abuse.
Strategy 2012 National Development Plan 2012 National Transversal The purpose of the National Development Plan (NDP) is to address and eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030.
Strategy 2011 Integrated Social Crime Prevention Strategy 2011 National Transversal This strategy will be implemented in line with other existing measures aimed both at tackling crime and addressing the underlying causes of crime and violence.
Strategy 2011-2016 Western Cape Government Intergrated Provincial Early Childhood Development Strategy 2011-2016 Provincial Transversal The purpose of this strategy is to:
• Ensure that ECD services include a developmental curriculum and programmes for children.
• Create a suitable environment that will contribute to the health, nutrition, physical and social wellbeing of children.
Strategy 2010-2015 National Social Development Strategic Plan 2010-2015 National DSD Specific The purpose of this strategy is to:
• Ensure the provision of comprehensive social services which protect the poor and vulnerable within the framework of the South African Constitution and subsequent legislation.
• Create an enabling environment for sustainable development.
• Deliver integrated, sustainable, and quality services in partnership with all those committed to building a caring society.
Strategy 2007

Recruitment and Retention Strategy for Social Workers 2007

National DSD Specific The purpose of this strategy is to:
• Provide a framework for the recruitment and retention of Social Workers as learners and professionals that will be committed to render services where they are most needed in the country.
• Reposition the social work profession to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
• Promote a positive image of social work as a career of choice.
• Address the concerns and conditions of service that impact negatively on service provision.


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