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Enhanced People's Housing Process (EPHP)


What is People's Housing Process (EPHP)?

Picture 1: PHP development

Enhanced People's Housing Process (EPHP) is a process where beneficiaries are actively involved in the decision making over the housing process, product and make a contribution towards the building of their own homes.


EPHP is a programme that:

  • Harnesses community initiatives
  • Support community participation and ownership
  • Promotes community empowerment through the transfer of skills
  • Builds community partnership

What you get

With this subsidy you can play an active role in the building of your own house through an organised group.

You could qualify for this programme if:

  • You wish to participate in a community-driven housing project.
  • Can organise and mobilise as a group.
  • Are already part of an organised group.
  • Are part of an organised savings group.

What you need to qualify

You qualify for this subsidy if:

  • You are registered on the housing demand database at your nearest municipality.
  • You are a South African citizen or have a permanent residency permit.
  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You are married or living with a partner.
  • You are single or divorced, and have proven financial dependants permanently living with you.
  • Your monthly household income is R3 500 or less before deductions.
  • You or your partner are not current or previous property owners.
  • You or your partner have never received a housing subsidy from the government before.


Please note that priority will be given to applicants who are either 35 years or older, or have special needs (e.g, disabled persons). 


How to apply

Applications for this subsidy are only done on a project basis via your municipality. You will need to establish a group in your community and visit your nearest municipality to apply for this subsidy.


What are the benefits of EPHP?

Picture 2: PHP beneficiary

The EPHP Programme:

  • Empowers beneficiaries individually and collectively
  • Transfers skills
  • Encourages active participation in housing delivery
  • Creates partnerships between government and communities
  • Builds social capital and citizenship
  • Fosters stable communities
  • Enhances socio-economic development within the communities
  • Responds to special needs of vulnerable groups
  • Encourages the building of bigger and better homes
  • Creates an opportunity for beneficiaries to contribute to the decision making of their homes
  • Housing is valued as an asset far beyond its monetary value

Who drives EPHP?

The beneficiaries (individuals and communities) are the initiators and drivers of the EPHP process in partnership with a Housing Support Organisation, the municipality and province.

Where does the programme apply?

  • In situ upgrading
  • Informal settlements upgrading
  • Rural development

Download the EPHP Brochure.

Picture 4: Disabled PHP Beneficiaries with Premier Zille and Minister Madikizela

How to initiate a EPHP project?

Individuals who want to participate in a EPHP project should:

  • Approach their local Municipality and acquire information on how to implement EPHP in their area.
  • Determine their housing needs

Rights and responsibilities of the beneficiaries

  • Take the lead in initiating the EPHP projects in partnership with other stakeholders
  • Engage province and municipality on how to implement EPHP
  • Pro-actively take ownership for projects at community/grassroots level
  • Set up the appropriate leadership structures to engage with other stakeholders
  • Identify and mobilise resources to contribute towards the project
  • Participate and contribute time and leadership throughout the duration of the project

Role of the municipality and/or province

  • Encourage and support EPHP
  • Create an enabling environment for the implementation of EPHP
  • Build capacity for EPHP
  • Plan and budget for EPHP
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of EPHP


For further information on the EPHP programme, how to get involved and networking opportunities, please contact

Ms Rehana Tiry (Director)
Tel: 021 483 4858
Fax: 021 483 2343
Email: rehana.tiry@westerncape.gov.za

Regional Support:
City of Cape Town, West Coast & EPHP
Department of Human Settlements
Western Cape Government
27 Wale Street Cape Town

Provided by:
Government Body: (Department of Human Settlements, Western Cape Government)
The content on this page was last updated on 4 October 2022