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Rental Housing Tribunal Online

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RHT Online

RHT Online


Did you know…

  • You can now register your Rental Housing complaint online?
  • You can update your details online?
  • You can also view and track the progress of your complaint online?

Where, previously, tenants and landlords could only lodge complaints via email or visiting our offices in Cape Town, tenants and landlords can now lodge complaints at RHT Online, from anywhere and at any time.


You can use any of the following channels to register for your WCG e-Account:

RHT Online web or mobile

RHT Online web or mobile




RHT Online Step1
RHT Online Step1
  1. Register on the WCG eService Portal
RHT Online Step2
RHT Online Step2
  1. Log into to your registered account
  • Using your newly created account, log into the eService Portal.
  • If you have forgotten your password or username, you can reset this via the log-in screen by following the link and prompts.
RHT Online Step3
RHT Online Step3
  1. Select Rental Housing Tribunal matter
  • Navigate to the Rental Housing Tribunal by selecting “Query” or “Report”, followed by “Rental Housing Tribunal”.
  • Familiarize yourself with the disclaimer
  • Ensure that you have all the documentation to proceed with your application.
RHT Online Step4
RHT Online Step4
  1. Complete Online Complaint form
  • Complete your application form by providing all the required Information
  • You will be required to upload documents as included in the disclaimer section
  • Follow the screens and prompts to complete your complaint form
RHT Online Step5
RHT Online Step5
  1. Submit Complaint
  • Before submitting your complaint, review the details provided by selecting the ‘back’ button.
  • Accept the Declaration as a last step to your application and submit
  • On the ‘Interview Complete’ screen you can download all the documents relevant to your complaint


6. Key benefits of using the Rental Housing Tribunal App

  1. User friendly web-interface allowing you to submit your complaint online for assistance with a rental dispute.
  2. Update your complaint, review and track progress of your matter.
  3. Application and submission process made easily assessible from anywhere and at any time.
  4. Access RHT Online via any device connected to the internet.
  5. Once the complaint is submitted, you will immediately receive a case number for reference purposes.
  6. No travelling required and no queues!!

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