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Human Settlements Plans: The Planning process


Planning Cycle

The project planning cycle takes a full calendar year to complete. The execution of the planning cycle is the responsibility of the Director: Provincial Planning.

November to May:
The municipality develops a credible Human Settlement Plan every five years or revises their project pipelines annually. This function may be outsourced to consultants such as the Professional Resource Teams registered at the Department of Human Settlements.


The municipal council signs off the Human Settlements Plan or project pipeline as part of the Integrated Development Plan.


June to July:
The Department of Human Settlements comments on the credibility of the Human Settlement Plan or project pipeline and signs off with adjustments if necessary.


The Portfolio Management Office generates a draft Business Plan from information received. This information is scrutinised by The Director: Provincial Planning together with the Regional Directors. The Director: Provincial Planning submits the draft Business Plan to the National Department of Human Settlements.


October to November:
The municipality accepts and signs off the Business Plan.


Department of Human Settlement submits the final Business Plan to National Department of Human Settlements. The Division of Revenue Act (DORA) allocation gets Gazetted to the Department of Human Settlements and then Gazetted to the municipalities.



The content on this page was last updated on 4 October 2022