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Department of Human Settlements - Public Information: G

General information publications, listed alphabetically. These documents are also placed under the relevant life events and categories in Your Life and Topics.
The Department of Human Settlements is set to host the provincial Govan Mbeki Awards on the night of 27 May 2014 where the theme is ’20 Years of Freedom’.

Government funded excellence in the delivery of human settlements was honoured at the 2015 Provincial Govan Mbeki Awards held at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton, Cape Town on the 23rd of April 2015.

Making better choices: green procurement in state-subsidised human settlements has been developed as a resource to assist you in the implementation of green procurement in state-subsidised human settlements. This can enable you to achieve an improved environmental impact and quality of life for residents in the Western Cape.

WORKSHOP INVITATION: Green Procurement Guidelines For State-Subsidised Housing In The Western Cape

The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements would like to invite the Manager of Human Settlements, the Municipal Director of Engineering Services and the Head of Supply Chain Management to a workshop to engage with the Green Procurement Guidelines for State-Subsidised Housing in the Western Cape.