Permeable Paving System at Steenberg Housing Project | Western Cape Government

Permeable Paving System at Steenberg Housing Project

(Western Cape Government)
The Aquaflow system is more than just a driveway or pavement. It also provides an environmentally friendly solution for storm water drainage. The Aquaflow paving blocks have small channels at either end. It is these channels that allow rainwater to pass through the surface of the blocks into a special sub-base, which then cleans the water. The system relies on the permeability of these surface blocks being retained.

There are therefore essential precautions that must be observed:

The surface must be protected from fine material such as soil and sand. If you have a delivery of turf or top-soil, you should cover the paving area to prevent spillages from falling on to the Aquaflow blocks.
The Aquaflow area should be swept several times a year to keep the surface free from leaves and other debris.
The system is capable of degrading small quantities of oil that might be spilt on the surface. However, it must be covered and protected if vehicle maintenance such as an oil change is carried out.

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