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Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital: Genetic Clinic

The Genetic Clinic caters for any child who has a genetic condition that needs investigation, counselling or prenatal diagnosis.

Doctors are encouraged to make telephone bookings.

Many conditions tend to run in families. Genetic or hereditary conditions may be passed from parents to their children, since each parent passes half of their inherited material (also called genes) to a child. However, some genetic conditions occur only once in a family.

Who May Be Referred to the Genetic Clinic?

  • Children who have one or more birth defects.
  • Children with unusual features that may indicate a genetic condition.
  • Children who have a diagnosed or suspected genetic disorder.
  • Children whose family history might put them at risk of health problems.

What Should You Expect From Your Visit to the Genetic Clinic?

You will be asked about family history on both sides of the family. You will also be asked about the pregnancy, the details of the child's birth and any current concerns.

One of the genetic doctors will examine your child.

Your child's condition and implications for further medical management will be discussed with you.

The possible implications for family members and future pregnancies will be discussed with you.

You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your concerns.

If needed, referrals to other medical services and social support systems will be coordinated.

Consultations described above typically do take some time.

What Would Help the Genetic Team to Optimally Care for Your Child?

Please bring:

  • Your child's Road to Health Card
  • Information about medical conditions on both sides of the family
  • X- rays
  • Results of tests previously done
  • Doctor's letters
  • Reports related to your child's condition

Feel free to ask questions about your child's health and tell the doctor if there is something you are worried about or do not understand.

If you are pregnant, please tell the doctor, since there may be implications for the pregnancy.

An appointment can be arranged for you at the Pregnancy Counselling Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital.

The Genetic Clinic team consists of:

  • Genetic doctors
  • Genetic nurses
  • Genetic counsellors

They will each play a role in the care of your child and your family.

Venue: S27, Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital
Days and times:
Monday: Cardio-genetic Clinic 14:00-16:00
Tuesday: Genetic Clinic 09:00-12:00
Wednesday: Genetic Clinic 14:00-16:00

Outside of these hours the genetic nursing sisters can be contacted on 021 658 5002 for advice.

For urgent genetic advice after hours, a genetic doctor is on call and can be contacted via the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital switchboard on 021 658 5111.

Appointments: 021 658 5002
Genetic Nurses: 021 404 6235 or 021 406 6304

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