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Infertility Programme


The service aims to help women and men who can't conceive children naturally. Counselling and information are given on the various treatment options available. The history of the couple is taken and examinations are done. Depending on the results, fertility treatment is either given or advised against.


There's no service for infertility at primary health care level however,  the tertiary hospitals i.e. Tygerberg and Groote Schuur offer extensive investigations and treatment in their respective Infertility programmes.


A referral from a local primary health care facility or private health care provider is necessary to a tertiary hospital where various fertility treatments are offered. If you are a first-time visitor you will have to fill out a form and a patient folder will be opened. Take your ID book and hospital card if previously registered at the hospital.

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There's a cost involved. The amount will depend on the couple's income and the number of dependents they have, according to the hospital rating scale. Those taking part in the programme have to pay for the treatment which can cost anything from between R150 and R6,600. The hospital will require a recent payslip/income assessment (IRP5).

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