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Preventing Discrimination against HIV-Positive Learners and Educators

All learners and educators should respect the rights of other learners and educators.

Schools should create an environment which prevents discrimination against HIV-positive learners and staff members by:

  • Providing accurate and understandable information on HIV/AIDS to all members of staff, learners and parents.
  • Implementing an HIV/AIDS policy.

The national Department of Education (DoE) has drafted a national policy on the management of HIV/AIDS in schools. The national policy applies to both learners and teachers.

School governing bodies should develop and adopt their own policies, which must be in line with the national policy. They should do this in consultation with the wider school community.

The document Know Your Rights And Responsibilities gives information on the key points of the national policy and how to create a School HIV/AIDS policy.

For more information, contact the WCED HIV/AIDS Life-Skills Programme:

Peter Fenton
Tel: 021 467 2125/6/7

Or contact your nearest Education Support Centre.

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