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Western Cape Broadband Initiative: Request for Information (RFI)

The Western Cape Government's Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) is driving and coordinating the development of robust and ever-present broadband infrastructure and services across the Western Cape. To meet the provincial short-term and longer-term broadband objectives, parallel processes are being followed to ensure continuous service delivery and to meet the business requirements of various departments in the Western Cape Government.

Broadband Tender


Request for Information

The Western Cape Government (WCG) invites you to give input on information in accordance with the provision of a telecommunications network, known as the "Provincial-Wide Area Network" or PWAN, to provide connectivity to various buildings and other facilities across the province of the Western Cape. This telecommunications network must be capable of carrying data and voice communications and provide public internet access together with private corporate government network access (for multiple government clients) on the same infrastructure. This RFI is not to be confused with the current tender for the Transaction Advisor, as these are separate processes and initiatives.

Send your enquiries and requests for RFI documents, which detail the information requirements, to the following e-mail address: nashreen.moosa@westerncape.gov.za

Who Will Benefit?

The beneficiaries of these inprovements will include facilities such as schools, libraries, clinics, community centres and other public facilities, as well as satellite administrative offices and depots.

The information gathered through this RFI process will be used to shape a tender/bid/RFP, which will be issued in the third quarter of 2012 for the implementation of a PWAN. This RFP will cover an implementation period of approximately four to five years for the short-term service, whereafter the service will be consolidated into the longer-term Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Any information provided by you will be treated as confidential and will only be used by the Western Cape Government.

Closing Date

Please respond by 31 July 2012 to:
Nashreen Moosa at nashreen.moosa@westerncape.gov.za

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