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Tourism, Arts and Entertainment


 "We facilitate the implementation of an integrated tourism strategy that will lead to sustained and increased growth and job creation in the tourism industry."




We will play a leadership role in the tourism ecosystem in order to align planning from a National level through the NDT Tourism Sector Strategy as well as the SAT 5-in-5 plan. Through the Western Cape Tourism Blueprint 2030 the tourism products, activities as well as growth potential will be identified.

It is necessary that this research and strategic linkages which will give effect to the Blueprint are aligned in the current eco-system at a National, Regional and Local level.




The tourist guiding sector in South Africa is governed by the National Tourism Act 3 of 2014 and the Regulation to tourist guiding. As set out in the Act and Regulation, the National Registrar and the Provincial Registrars of Tourist Guides are responsible for the registration, regulation and development of tourist guides.

As a regulatory body, it is imperative to ensure the tourist guiding sector continually meets the needs of the visiting tourists. It is equally important to equip tourist guides with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance the service that they provide and to effectively address the challenges facing the sector.

The unit will enhance and create an awareness of tourism product offering by developing and regulating a sustainable tourist guiding sub-sector, in line with the legislative mandate.