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Sector Development

The role of the trade and sector units

To achieve its objectives, theTrade and Sector Development Programme has built up specialised sectoral capacity across four units, namely manufacturing, services, green economy and enery and resource-based sectors.

In terms of areas of intervention, the sectoral units focus on a variety of interventions that tackle the various market failures that exist in each industry and which coordinate capabilities from across government. Of high prioirty is the need to develop approcialte demand-led skills and to ensure the articulation between supply and demand is met. To this end the sectoral units work closely with the Western Cape Education Department, FET Colleges and institutions of higher education to achieve this goal.

Infrastructural limiations tend to be a critical constraint to growth, with long term relationships being established with the parastatals and relevant national and provincial departments. This has extended to the development of critical infrastructure, such as the Saldanha Industrial Development Zone, the Atlantis Green Manufacturing Zone and the Cape Town Film Studio.

Firm-level support is developed in consultation with the private sector to enhance the overall business environment, to tackle red tape, and to develop firm-level upgrading programmes to improve competititveness. A key element of this is to unlock access to national incentives.

In addition, the units work together with Wesgro and SPVs to target trade and investment opportunities and facilitate improved conditions for investment atrraction.


Recent achievements

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