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Department of Economic Development and Tourism - Public Information: A

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Access to Finance for SMMEs

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The webinar focused on the challenges faced by the funders during assessment of their applications by Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)

Presenters:      Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) – Ganief Bardien

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The consumer may return the goods to the supplier within six months after the day of purchase if the goods have a material defect.                 

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Any material imperfection in the manufacture of the goods or  components, or in performance of the services, that renders the goods or results of the service less acceptable than persons generally would be reasonably entitled to expect in the circumstances. 

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All goods purchased by a consumer are subject to an implied warranty of quality and suppliers cannot contract out of this provision. This means that a consumer has the right to receive goods which are:

  • Of good quality and are reasonably suited for the purpose for which they are intended for, failing which the consumer has the right to return the goods and ask for either
  • Replacement
  • Repair or
  • Refund
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In theory it looks simple, however, in actual practice there are many challenges that we encounter in enforcing this provision.

The challenges are as follows:

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