Getting Training and Equipment for Your Neighbourhood Watch


The Department of Community Safety offers a two day Neighbourhood Watch training course. The training is provided within communities throughout the Western Cape at a community hall within the area. Training is free of charge and all logistics relating to training and catering is provided by the Department of Community Safety.

The kind of training you can get from Department:

  • Introducing Strategic Objective 5
  • Community Mapping
  • Why Neighbourhood Watch
  • Imagining a safe and liveable neighbourhood
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Who are your partners in building a safe and liveable neighbourhood
  • Summarising – Know, be, do
  • The Neighbourhood Watch Code
  • Patrolling
  • Accreditation of Neighbourhood Watches (Community Safety Act)
  • Safety Audits

This training module is the first step towards developing a comprehensive curriculum for Neighbourhood Watch Structures and is considered as the entry level or “Basic Training” which is compulsory for all Neighbourhood Watch Structures. This is seen as the “Orientation” phase and will be complimented with future learning “building blocks” that will address opportunities to commit crime and the prevention thereof.

The equipment you can get from the Department (depending on availability):

  • Jackets
  • Reflective vests
  • Torches
  • Bicycles

Equipment is distributed to the Local Community Police Forum; it is then distributed to the Neighbourhood watch. The Local Community Police Forum is held accountable as they are the custodians in ensuring the safe keeping of the equipment.

The Department is currently in the process of finalising its Regulations for the Accreditation of Neighbourhood Watch Structures which forms part of the Western Cape Community Safety Act, Section 6 and it is foreseen that this process should be finalised by June 2016.

Kindly be informed that the current application process is subject to change once Section 6 of Western Cape Community Safety Act has been promulgated. A new processes will be implemented which will be aligned to Section 6 of the Act.



All interested Neighbourhood Watch Structures must apply on behalf of their members and must contact Ms N Ximiya or Ms Kristie Joubert for the application forms. Once completed the application form must be forwarded to this office via email as indicated below.

Ms Ayesha Fortune
Deputy Director: Neighbourhood Watch Project
Tel: 021 483 5010

Mr Gary Cornberg
Directorate: Security Risk Management
Tel: 021 483 7855

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