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Say No to Violence Against Woman and Children

(Western Cape Government)

Violence in our society is often the symptom of deeper social problems. Together, we need to stand up against violence especially against women and children.

In South Africa a woman is raped every thirty six seconds and the majority of women who are assaulted know the perpetrator.  A child goes missing every six hours and more than 100 cases of child abuse are reported every week.

What is abuse?

Abuse is any form of harm which can include when someone is:

  • hurting your body physically or sexually,
  • insulting you, or threatens you with violence,
  • harassing you sexually,
  • humiliating and degrading you at home or in public,
  • controlling how you use your money,
  • preventing you from getting or keeping a job, or to see friends or relatives,
  • stalking you, by following you or visits you without your permission,
  • harming your health or wellbeing, or
  • monitoring your phone calls and telling you where you can and can’t go

How can I contribute?

Volunteer some of your time and energy in support of a non-governmental organisation or community group working in your area to help abused women and children. Use your life skills and knowledge to help support victims of abuse.

Speak out against woman and child abuse.

  • Encourage silent female victims to talk about abuse and ensure that they get help.
  • Report child abuse to the police.
  • Encourage children to report bullying to teachers or the school principal.
  • Encourage men and boys to talk about abuse and actively discourage abusive behaviour.

Seek help if you’re emotionally, physically or sexually abusive to your partner or children.

Encourage and talk to friends, relatives and colleagues to take a stand against abuse of women and children.

Where to go for help?

You can phone the following organisations to report women and child abuse:

  • Stop Gender Violence helpline: 0800 150 150
  • Report neglect or abuse of a child: 0861 4 CHILD (24453)
  • SAPS: 08600 10111
  • Childline: 08000 55 555
  • Report any abuse of children and women to the Department of Social Development on 0800 220 250.
  • LifeLine 24-hour counselling helpline: 021 461 1111
  • Find out more about our safety services for women and children by sending a sms with the word INFO to 35 395.
  • Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust counselling lines:
    • Observatory: 021 447 9762
    • Athlone: 021 633 9229
    • Khayelitsha: 021 361 9085

These organisations can also offer support and assistance:

Athlone House Of Strength (AHOS)


BPW Outeniqua Refuge for Battered Women and their Children (Phambili Refuge)


Carehaven Centre

Athlone, Cape Town

Creative Effective Families (CEF)

Mossel Bay

CWD Bonne Esperance Refugee Shelter For Women & Children

Cape Town

Dusk to Dawn


El-O-Him Shelter

Mitchell's Plain

Heaven Shelter House

Cape Town

House Of Hope


House To Your Destiny


Ihata Shelter

Cape Town

Ilitha Labantu


L’ Abrie De Dieu Safe House


Mater Domini Home


Nonceba Family Counselling Centre


Philisa Abafazi Bethu


Pride Shelter Trust

Cape Town

Saartjie Baartman Centre


Sisters Incorporated


Siyabonga - Huis Van Danksegging




St Anne's Home


United Sanctuary Against Abuse


Worcester House of Hope


The content on this page was last updated on 11 January 2016