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Some Important Dates Relating to Slavery at the Cape

(Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport, Western Cape Government)
1652 Settlement at the Cape established to provision VOC ships en route to the East. Freed Slave

Freed Slave
1658 First slaves arrive on the Amersfoort from West Africa.
1659 First wine produced at the Cape. Slaves played an important role in the wine industry.
1666 Building on the Castle of Good Hope started with slave labour.
1679 Slave Lodge built to house Company slaves.
1717 VOC resolves to keep slaves as main workforce at the Cape.
1807 The British outlaw the slave trade - however it is still legal to own slaves.
1808 Slave rebellion at the Cape led by Louis of Mauritius.
1825 Second slave rebellion at the Cape led by Galant, a slave from the Koue Bokkeveld.
1834 Slavery is abolished in the British colonies.
1838 Slaves are freed on 1 December 1838.
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