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After School Programme

(Western Cape Government)

DCAS MOD programme

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) offers various activities to youth through its After School programme. We encourage learners, parents and other significant role players to invest in this holistic environment to create better opportunities for communities through the following services:

After School Programme office

The After School Programme provides quality, safe after school activities in our communities. We believe that regular and consistent participation of learners in after school programmes will improve learner outcomes, reduce school dropout rates and reduce risk-taking behaviour. Read more

MOD programme

The Mass participation; Opportunity and access; Development and growth (MOD) programme is an after-school, mass participation programme that provides school-going youth with access to various fun-filled, play-based and modified activities in recreation and sport, as well as in arts and culture, on a daily basis. Read more

Neighbourhood schools

DCAS creates next-level opportunities for school-going youth, in recreation and sport, as well as in arts and culture and provides support to interested schools that are neighbouring the MOD Centres. The contact details and GPS coordinates of the schools that are involved in the neighbourhood programme are available online.

Year Beyond

YeBo is a partnership between the Western Cape Government and numerous NGOs aimed at improving educational outcomes and encouraging a culture of volunteerism. Read more

Through After School programmes, the Western Cape Government offers youth opportunities to stay engaged in positive ways after school hours. Communities should support the programme and encourage youth to participate. Let us develop our youth’s talent BETTER TOGETHER.

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