Heritage Western Cape (HWC) Section 35 (4), 27(18) & 38(4), (8) & (10) – Repository registration application form | Western Cape Government

Heritage Western Cape (HWC) Section 35 (4), 27(18) & 38(4), (8) & (10) – Repository registration application form

(Department of Cultural Affairs & Sport, Western Cape Government)
  1. The responsible heritage authority must at its discretion ensure that objects are lodged with a museum or other public institution that has a collection policy, proven capacity to conserve and curate acceptable to the heritage resources authority and may in so doing establish such terms and conditions as it sees fit for the conservation of such objects.
  2. Establish a relationship with, and encourage, manage, assist and monitor compliance with local, provincial and national museums, universities and other institutions who wish to (or currently) store, curate and display archaeological material, as well as formalise existing storage facilities;
  3. Establish a database of available repositories for use by Heritage Authorities, academics, researchers, students and archaeological contractors;
  4. Create and encourage easier access to local and provincial museums for communities and foster a sense of “custodianship” and responsibility of archaeological material within the local communities. Researchers must facilitate participatory engagement with local communities;
  5. Implement the HWC Council - approved Policy and Guidelines for the Management of Archaeological Material;
  6. Pave the way and establish a reference point for temporary and permanent storage policies and current repositories for human remains and palaeontological material (which will be subject to an additional repository registration process).

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    The following documentation is required upon submission:

  • Completed signed application form
  • Digital copies of all required documents on CD or USB – USB’s are not returned


    Please contact hwc.hwc@westerncape.gov.za for a reference number. Upon request, kindly provide the site details and which application you intend on applying for.

    Should you have any further queries, please contact ceoheritage@westerncape.gov.za

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